Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Pays to Sterilize British Drug Addicts

Addicts are being offered up to £200 cash to be sterilised so they do not give birth to drug dependent children.

-- From "Drug addicts offered cash to stop reproducing" by Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor, London Daily Telegraph 4/9/10

A controversial American charity is now offering the service to addicts in the UK and has set up a helpline for those interested.

Pro-life campaigners said the offer was "inhuman".

Project Prevention claims to have stopped 3,500 drink and drugs addicts from having more children by paying them to be sterilised.

It has now received £13,000 from an anonymous British donor to help launch a similar service in the UK.

But the campaigner behind the scheme, Barbara Harris, from North Carolina, shrugged off concerns that the money will just be spent on buying more drugs.

And anyone in Britain taking up the offer will still be expected to have the treatment done on the NHS at the taxpayer's expense.

Anthony Ozimic, of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said: "It is inhuman to seek to eliminate human problems by eliminating humans themselves. Such campaigns should have no place in Britain."

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From "U.S. group paying addicts for sterlization" UPI 4/10/10

Barbara Harris of North Carolina founded the organization in 1997 after she adopted four children who had been born addicted to crack cocaine. She said British addicts must arrange and pay for their own sterilizations and can then get payment by presenting a certificate, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"I've got hundreds of emails from people in the UK saying: 'You need to come here, please come over here, we need your help," she said. "We're going to make this offer to drug addicts, social workers, law enforcement. Anyone who comes in contact with these women can refer addicts to us now we have an 0800 number here in the UK."

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From "Charity that sterilises addicts to come to UK" by Jerome Taylor, UK Independent 4/10/10

Drug addiction experts have reacted with horror at the revelation that a controversial American charity worker who pays addicts to be sterilised is setting up a franchise in Britain.

Andrew Horne, the director of Addaction, one of the UK's largest addiction charities, lambasted the American charity's approach yesterday.

"There is no place for Project Prevention in the UK because their practices are morally reprehensible and irrelevant," he said. "Our first-hand experience shows that people can make positive changes with the right support – both for themselves and for their children. In fact, many of our clients stopped using drugs because they became a parent."

[Mrs Harris said,] "Anyone who comes in contact with these women can refer addicts to us now we have an 0800 number here in the UK. We hope the scheme will grow as much here as it did in the US, and that people will support us financially. We need the cash to pay the addicts."

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