Sunday, April 11, 2010

Employees Coerced into Abortions for Career

A former Novartis saleswoman wept on the witness stand yesterday as she recalled her boss counseling her to get an abortion after she asked for a transfer to move in with her husband-to-be.

-- From "Lawsuit: Drug company Novartis derailed careers of moms-to-be" by Alison Gendar, New York Daily News Staff Writer 4/6/10

Senior sales consultant Christine Macarelli is among the first witnesses who hope to show the drug giant treated women as second-glass citizens.

"Our goal is to make clear the problems these women experienced are systematic of deep problems across the company," said attorney David Sanford.

The class-action suit covers 5,600 Novartis employees who claim the company paid them less than male colleagues and derailed their careers once they became pregnant.

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From "Novartis gal's tale of boss 'abort' pressure" by Bruce Golding, New York Post 4/9/10

"I told Mr. Holstein [abortion] was not an option for me," [Christine Macarelli,] the upstate mother of two testified in Manhattan federal court.

"I was very disturbed. I had to collect myself and decide what to do . . . I felt very alone."

Asked why she never reported Holstein to the company's higher-ups, Macarelli said it was because "I had a co-worker who worked for Bruce, and she complained about him quite a bit, and ultimately she was fired."

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