Monday, April 26, 2010

Billy Graham Prays to Living God; Obama Prays to . . . ?

President Obama paid a visit to Billy Graham's house -- his first meeting with him -- where they privately talked and prayed. Graham gave Obama two Bibles.

UPDATE 5/2/13: President Obama Prays to an Unknown God

-- From "Obama and evangelist Billy Graham share a prayer" by Philip Elliott And Mike Baker, Associated Press Writers 4/25/10

Franklin Graham said his father and Obama did most of the talking. They reminisced about their roots in Chicago—Graham went to Wheaton College and began some of his ministry in the region; Obama moved to Chicago after college and began his political career there. And they talked about golf.

Graham said his father prayed for the nation and that God would give Obama wisdom in his decisions. The president prayed to thank God for Billy Graham's life, Franklin Graham said.

When Obama last spoke with Billy Graham, in a telephone call in November on Graham's birthday, they said they would try to get together as soon as possible, Burton said.

Franklin Graham has been in the news recently, with the Army rescinding an invitation for him to speak at a Pentagon prayer service, citing what it said were his inappropriate comments about Islam.

Franklin Graham said he and Obama spoke briefly about the Pentagon spat, with the younger Graham saying that activists with an agenda were trying to pull all religion out of the military.

"I wanted to make him aware of that," Franklin Graham said. "He said he would look into it."

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