Saturday, April 10, 2010

Embryo Destroyer: Mark Kirk, IL GOP Senate Candidate

Now he'd like a bill making Obama’s endorsement of stem cell research permanent, so it can’t be meddled with by some future right-wing, pro-life president.

-- From "Two-Faced Kirk Actually One-Faced on Stem Cells" by Edward McClelland, posted at NBC-TV5 Chicago 4/8/10

[Pro-abortion] Mark Kirk is in favor of [embryonic] stem cell research.

We've known this for years. Fact, in 2005, Kirk co-sponsored a bill overturning President George W. Bush’s ban on embryonic stem cell research. The bill passed, but was vetoed by the president [Bush].

. . . Kirk made himself look like a fool by promising to repeal health care reform, a promise he couldn’t keep. So now he has to stiff-arm conservatives to demonstrate to mainstream Illinoisans that he’s not a right-wing stooge. And he has to show that he can stay consistent on a controversial issue, in spite of pressure from the GOP’s Tea Party wing.

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is mocking Kirk’s ideological flexibility with a pseudo-comic titled “The Adventures of Two-Faced Kirk.”

It’s subtitled “His Position Is Based On Who Flips Him Coin,” and it criticizes Kirk for flip-flopping on health care repeal, federal ear marks, cap and trade and unemployment extensions.

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From "Kirk calls for permanent embryo experimentation funding" posted at Illinois Review 4/8/10

Indeed, the Republicans' candidate for U.S. Senate emphasized his support for using embryos in his introductory "Independent" political ad by emphasizing he was one of the few Republicans that opposed President George W. Bush limited experimentation on cell lines to those already existing at the time. It must be that Kirk fears his call for making taxpayer funding permanent would be rejected by a radically pro-abort Democratic Congress and president.

A press release from the Kirk for U.S. Senate campaign states [in part]:
As a member of the Congressional Stem Cell Whip Team, Congressman Mark Kirk has played a key role in rallying support for pluripotent [embryonic] stem cell research. In 2001, President Bush allowed limited federal research for only 21 adult cell lines. The Executive Order prohibited the use of many pluripotent stem cells and authorized only pre-existing cell lines.

In 2005, legislation backed by Congressman Kirk (H.R. 810) passed the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, authorizing federal funding for expanded pluripotent [embryonic] stem cell research. President Bush vetoed the legislation. In 2007, similar legislation passed the House with no action in the Senate.

Congressman Kirk will highlight legislation permanently authorizing President Obama’s Executive Order, ensuring that future administrations cannot overturn federal support for pluripotent stem cell research.
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