Monday, April 05, 2010

Calif. Middle School Welcomes Homosexual Club

Val Verde Unified School District officials said they won't stand in the way the formation of the first Gay-Straight Alliance club at an Inland middle school . . .

-- From "Riverside school won't stand in the way of the first Gay-Straight Alliance club" The Valley News, Fallbrook, CA 3/27/10

Several students at Tomas Rivera Middle School announced on a Gay-Straight Alliance Web site that they are gay or bisexual and wanted to rally classmates to form a Gay-Straight Alliance, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported. About 15 parents unhappy with the idea peacefully stood outside the school Friday, alerting other parents about the issue.

Mike Bazan, a spokesperson for the school district, told the newspaper that Principal Ernesto Lizarraga met for an hour with the concerned parents to tell that forming such a club was "well within district policy. It's certainly within the rights of students, even if it goes against the grain of some of the parents."

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