Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feminists: Avoid Childbirth for Selfish Economics

Researchers' study of female baby boomers with careers shows those who have kids earlier make less money in life; highest earners were childless

File this one under "studies that prove the obvious"

-- From "Delaying kids may prevent financial 'motherhood penalty'" by Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY 4/16/10

Researchers at the University of Maryland in College Park and the University of California at Los Angeles reviewed 35 years of data from some 2,200 women born between 1944 and 1954, and found that women who had kids in the early- to mid-20s or even younger didn't fare as well economically as those who delayed.

Research has found that women who are childless tend to have greater earnings and those with kids have what some have referred to as a "motherhood penalty," that is, lower wages for working mothers.

But this new study, presented by co-author Joan Kahn, a sociologist at the University of Maryland in College Park, finds women who got more education and job training before having children don't experience that so-called "penalty."

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