Thursday, October 01, 2015

Mother Plans Sexual Mutilation of Son, Media Cheer

The mainstream media is ecstatic over a viral YouTube video from Detroit, Michigan by Erica Maison showing her 14-year-old son, Corey, when she gave him a surprise present:  Female hormone medication so that the boy can be prepared for surgery in a few years to remove his genitals.  Corey began pretending to be a girl, including at school, after his mother taught him about "transgender" children.
“We all just want to be loved and accepted by others. And that's all any transgender child wants, is to be loved and accepted fully by their parents.”
-- Erica Maison
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-- From "See This Transgender Teen's Emotional Response to a Life-Changing Gift" by Jennifer Hansler, ABC News 9/30/15

Last week, the transgender teen from Detroit received a life-changing gift inside a little pink and white box: her first dose of estrogen. And her emotional response, caught on camera by her mother, Erica Maison, has gone viral.

Erica said Corey has faced a number of hurdles in the past two-and-a-half years, especially when she “still looked like a boy and was dressing like a girl.” She was turned away from neighborhood parties and scolded for her attire. At school, Corey was bullied so much, Erica said, that she pulled her out in the fifth grade and homeschooled her. Finding medical professionals that specialize in transgender people, let alone transgender teens, was a challenge.

Erica said that things have gotten easier. She and Corey found the gender clinic at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where Corey underwent hormone treatments to stop male puberty. Now with her estrogen treatments, Corey will be able to start female puberty.

Once Corey “looked more like a girl,” Erica said, things became “so much easier.” Corey dismissed her neighborhood bullies, and many of them stopped picking on her. Some even became her friends. Corey even felt comfortable enough to re-enroll in public school for 8th grade.

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From "Video Of Transgender Teen Discovering 1st Hormone Treatment Goes Viral" by CBS News & WWJ-TV62 (Detroit, MI) 9/29/15

The video, less than a minute long, shows Corey Maison  finding a package filled with the first dose of a hormones — which means she has been given the medical go-ahead.

“Today after waiting 2 1/2 years she FINALLY got her estrogen. I picked it up while she was in school so she had no idea. We have been waiting months for the readiness letter to be finalized and sent to Chicago, so had no idea on a timeline of when it would actually happen. Sorry I had to stop recording because we were both blubbering sobbing fools LOL. September 24th is a day I will remember for the rest of my life!” said Corey’s mom, Erica Maison writing on YouTube.

According to her mother, Corey is usually busy riding her penny skateboard, playing Call of Duty on her Xbox, and obsessing over makeup. “She has more than I ever had my entire life,” Erica told BuzzFeed. But this particular day was different. This was the day Corey would be permitted to begin hormone therapy.

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From "Trans Teen's Emotional Reaction To Receiving First Batch Of Hormones Will Melt Your Heart" by Natasha Hinde, The Huffington Post UK 9/30/15

"She had no idea," her mother Erica wrote in the caption for the video, which was uploaded to YouTube.

"We have been waiting months for the readiness letter to be finalised and sent to Chicago, so had no idea on a timeline of when it would actually happen."

The clip shows young Maison sitting on the sofa while her mother tells her to reach behind her and pull out a plastic bag.

The teen then opens the bag and finds the hormones, which she's been waiting for for years.

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From "Mom surprises Detroit-area transgender teen with 1st hormone treatment in viral video" by Gus Burns, Ann Arbor News 9/30/15

Corey's mother told Buzz Feed her daughter, then living as a boy, has always been feminine and enjoyed dressing in female clothes in high heels. She thought Corey might be gay, but one day while watching another well-known transgender youth [Jazz Jennings] on YouTube, Corey said: "'Mom, I'm just like her, I am a girl.'"

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