Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Atheists Threaten School so Citizens Pray Publicly

Claiming to be representing an anonymous student, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) notified the Ashdown (Arkansas) Public School District that they will take legal action if prayer doesn't cease at football games, but townsfolk say the Christian praying won't end.
"We are not going to stop any student who wants to exercise their freedom of religious expression such as a prayer. . . . As for the situation Friday night, I think that is a great example of student freedom and the rights of students to express themselves religiously and the government not get involved and keep them from doing that."
-- Superintendent Jason Sanders
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-- From "Ashdown, Ark. students fight back with prayer" posted at KSLA-TV12 (Shreveport, LA) 10/5/15

Students and fans from both schools, including referees, knelt on the field for prayer.

Pat and Susy Dillenger live across the street from Ashdown High School and say they are avid Panther fans. For them, the idea of stopping prayer at school athletic events is inconceivable.

"I believe we should keep praying. If they don't want to listen, they can just leave," said Ashdown resident Gerald McElhenon.

"We need to keep God and we need to keep prayer in our children's lives," said another resident.

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From "Prayer in public school debate in Ashdown" by Julie Parr, KTBS-TV3 (Shreveport, LA) 10/5/15

[Supt.] Sanders consulted the "Alliance for Defending Freedom" for advice on the situation.

He says they haven't broken any laws.

"We feel like that the freedom of our students to express themselves will hold up in a court of law," said Sanders.

Sanders says in the future student groups will lead the introductions [and prayer] at school events.

"It's encouraged the students to understand that they can in fact pray in many different ways and different times," said Butch Riddle, First Baptist Church Pastor.

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Why is there NO outcry from atheists about overt indoctrination of Islam in public schools?