Monday, October 19, 2015

Arizona School Sex-laden Quiz Exposed by Students

The Phoenix Union High School District claims it is investigating an unnamed teacher now on leave after being caught testing about 100 students aged 14 to 18 on their sexual proclivities.  The 200-question quiz was said to determine character and personality traits at Betty Fairfax High School in Laveen, Arizona, but after kids tipped off their parents, the school administration is now pressing students to talk to their principal rather than squealing to their parents or the media.

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-- From "Phoenix high school teacher on leave for assigning racy personality quiz" by The Associated Press 10/16/15

A Phoenix high school teacher has been placed on leave after assigning a personality quiz that asked questions about sex, wife-swapping and other personal topics.

Dozens of students at Betty Fairfax High School received the 200-question quiz. The self-scoring survey had questions ranging from "Are you irritable sometimes?" to "do you prefer ordinary sex?"

The Betty Fairfax principal sent an apology letter to parents calling the quiz inappropriate and offensive. District officials say the survey was not approved and policies were not followed.

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From "Parents fuming over Arizona teacher's vulgar personality test" by Chad Merda, Chicago Sun-Times 10/19/15

“It is regrettable it happened,” district spokesman Craig Pletenik told Phoenix CBS station KPHO. “We apologize to our students for being exposed to that. We apologize to our parents that something like this was given to four classes at the school.”

Pletenik said the teacher did not submit the survey to district officials for approval.

Karina Vega told KNXV that her 15-year-old son was so embarrassed by the quiz that he wouldn’t repeat the questions.

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From "Phoenix high school survey lands teacher in trouble" by Christina Estes, KPHO-TV5 CBS (Phoenix, AZ) 10/14/15

The personality survey was given to juniors and seniors in two psychology classes and freshmen and sophomores in two AVID classes, which are designed to help students improve their study skills and get them on track for college.

Some of the 200-plus questions were obviously geared toward determining personality traits and career interests, but others were shocking, including:
Do you prefer ordinary sex?
Do you watch pornographic videos?
Would you go to a wife-swapping party?
Have you ever felt the urge to kill someone?
The teacher, who we are not identifying because he has not been charged with a crime and is going through the district’s due process procedures, reportedly left the survey for a substitute teacher to distribute.

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Also read the extent of sexualization in America's public schools:  It flows from the top, including President Obama's demand for communal nudity in schools by forcing the Gay Agenda on schools using taxpayer dollars; and it comes from elite educators who teach kids how to be homosexual including teaching kindergartners about sex change as well as homosexual teachers indoctrinating 8-year-olds, and teachers training pre-teens in masturbation; and schools even hire abortionists and sex workers to teach sex education, while judges rule abstinence education illegal, so it's no surprise that this public school sexualization is making criminals of children nationwide.