Sunday, October 25, 2015

'Minion of Satan' Defied by Florida County Official

Representatives of every religion, and even atheists, have been allowed to give invocations at Lake County (Florida) Board meetings because, as Chairman Jimmy Conner explains, “It’s the law.  They opened without being disruptive, and we welcomed them.”  However, Conner says the Board is drawing the line at a self-described "minion of Satan."

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-- From "Chaz Stevens: Man wants to give satanic invocation at Lake County, Florida, meeting" by The Associated Press 10/23/15

Chaz Stevens, a self-described atheist, tells local media that his request this week is part of his "Satan or Silence Project." His goal is to persuade elected officials to either drop prayers before meetings or allow him to lead a satanic prayer.

Commission Chairman Jimmy Conner says he will not allow the request.

In the past, Stevens has helped sway several cities to have a moment of silence before meetings instead of a prayer. He says he consider filing a lawsuit if Lake County denies his request.

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From "South Florida atheist blogger brings public prayer issue to Central Florida" posted at Sun Sentinel (Broward County, FL) 10/23/15

A South Florida atheist blogger whose actions have prompted Dania Beach and other cities to open civic meetings with a moment of silence instead of a prayer is now threatening to sue Lake County in Central Florida if officials pray during a commission meeting but don't allow him to give a satanic invocation.

Because of Stevens, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs and Delray Beach have also switched to a moment of silence.

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From "Man battling to recite Satanic prayer at commision meeting" by David Williams, WOFL-TV35 (Orlando, FL) 10/23/15

It began with an email Stevens sent to the Commission on Tuesday October 20, 2015, citing the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing prayer at government meetings. In it, Stevens asks that he be allowed to “give a Satanic invocation” in Lake County. He claims his invocation would be “solemn and respectful in tone” and “invite lawmakers to reflect upon shared ideas and common ends."  FOX 35 asked Stevens why he wants to give a Satanic invocation.

"Satanism, that is the boogie man for Christianity, it’s about performance art, it’s the thing that was going to get the most attention, and I like the attention,” he explained. “The attention draws eyes to the cause. At least maybe I could get some people thinking that maybe this is not a good idea, 'Maybe I don't want to spend a couple hundred thousand taxpayer dollars money that could be spent feeding little kids.' Instead, they are going to fight a militant which is guaranteed me in the law by the Fourteenth Amendment."

If a legal battle erupts, Chairman Conner said, the group called The Liberty Council will represent the Commission on this issue, at no cost to Lake County taxpayers.

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From "'Minion of Satan' asks to give invocation in Lake" by Christal Hayes, Staff Writer, Orlando Sentinel 10/22/15

Atheist Chaz Stevens, 51, said his request this week is part of his "Satan or Silence Project" aimed at persuading elected officials to either drop prayers before meetings or allow him to lead a prayer and ask for blessings from the devil.

"At best, it [the invocation] is going to be solemn and right to the occasion, but it might very well raise the dead," he said Thursday. "I mean think about it. We're talking about Satan."

But commission Chairman Jimmy Conner said he has no plans to accept the "over-the-top" request.

"There won't be any satanic prayers while I'm chairman," Conner said. "The man isn't going to bully me. If he hates God, he can do that. But we're not going to spread devil worshipping in our chamber."

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From "Man wants to give satanic invocation at Lake County meeting, threatens to sue if refused" posted at WFTV-TV9 (orlando, FL) 10/22/15

Conner is standing his ground, despite a Supreme Court ruling allowing volunteers to give an invocation, and laws prohibiting the government from choosing one religion over another.

"No thanks to all the liberal courts in this country, including the Supreme Court, who have no idea what the founding fathers intended for our country to be," said Conner.

"Are you willing to forego an invocation?" asked Channel 9 Janai Norman.

"No, absolutely not. I think it's time for this community to rally around the truth. The truth is the Lord. The trust is almighty God. It certainly isn't Satan," Conner said.

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From "Self-described 'minion of Satan' to give invocation next year at Lighthouse Point City Hall" by Anne Geggis, Sun Sentinel (Broward County, FL) 10/7/15

A year into Stevens' campaign, the Jupiter man recently got a date he can make: The city of Lighthouse Point has scheduled him to give an invocation at its July 12 meeting. Stevens figures some religious traditions are more welcome in front of city commissions than others, even though court rulings require they all be treated the same.

Lighthouse Point City Clerk Jennifer Oh said that Stevens was offered the first available date.

[Stevens is] waiting on his prayer opportunity in Boca Raton, Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lake Worth and Pompano Beach, which he's requested with profanity-laced emails to various city officials.

For the city halls across South Florida in his crosshairs, though, Stevens is emblematic of "extremists" who shouldn't be tolerated, some officials say. "If we keep retreating, the next thing you know we'll be taking "In God We Trust' off our money," said Pompano Beach City Commissioner Ed Phillips.

"Our religion is constantly under attack," Phillips said. "He is trying to shut down how we open our meetings. We're saying, 'God give us strength and wisdom to do what is right.'"

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