Monday, October 05, 2015

Codify More 'Gay Rights:' Hillary, Biden Promise

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden competed Saturday for endorsements in speeches before the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America's largest homosexual activist group, whose co-founder was arrested for anal sex with a boy.  If elected president, Hillary promised to change the Civil Rights Act of 1964 via a Federal Equality Act to provide even more "gay rights."  Biden said that the military must eliminate restrictions that limit full inclusion of mentally ill sexual deviants.
“The American people are already with you. . . . There are homophobes still left. Most of them are running for president, I think.”
-- Vice President Joe Biden
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-- From "Biden and Clinton court LGBT community while offering differing tones" by Alex Seitz-Wald, MSNBC 10/3/15

The vice president spoke to 3,500 LGBT activists and leaders in a cavernous subterranean ballroom at the Washington Convention Center for the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner, a speaking gig Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton turned down in order to appear on “Saturday Night Live,” The New York Times reported.

Biden is close to deciding on a 2016 presidential bid against Clinton, and the LGBT community is an important constituency for any Democrat eyeing the White House. He contrasted with the former secretary of state at one point on Saturday, telling gay rights activists that equality would come easily now — even though just hours before Clinton had warned the same group that further change would be difficult.

Though Clinton gave up the keynote spot to the vice president, she addressed the group’s breakfast meeting early Saturday instead, giving the first speech of her 2016 campaign exclusively focused on LGBT rights. She thanked the Human Rights Campaign for helping “change a lot of minds, including mine” on marriage equality.

On policy, Clinton and Biden lined up almost perfectly. They both called for a new focus on transgender rights and working to expand LGBT rights abroad. They identified the same three specific domestic policy goals: A federal equality act that would extend civil rights protections to LGBT Americans, allowing trans people serve in the military, and upgrading to “honorable discharge” the status of service members who were kicked out of the military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

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From "Biden: No Question That Transgenders Can Serve in U.S. Military" by Josh Lederman, Associated Press 10/4/15

Biden's declaration at the Human Rights Campaign's annual dinner Saturday [at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C.] goes further than anything the Obama administration has said before, evoking memories of when Biden outpaced President Barack Obama in endorsing gay marriage. Although the White House says Obama supports a Pentagon review aimed at ending the transgender ban, neither Obama nor the military has said definitively that the policy will be changed.

"No longer is there any question transgender people are able to serve in the United States military," Biden told a crowd of 3,000 gay rights activists at the group's star-studded gala.

Biden, who is considering running for president, declared transgender rights to be "the civil rights issue of our time" as he delivered the keynote speech, just hours after Hillary Rodham Clinton — his top rival if he enters the race — gave a rousing address elevating LGBT rights as a main pillar of 2016 bid. Biden said gays and lesbians shouldn't fear "those shrill voices" trying to undo gay marriage and other advances because Americans "have moved so far beyond them and their appeals to prejudice and fear and homophobia."

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From "Hillary Clinton Promotes Gay Rights As Pillar Of 2016 Bid" by Lisa Lerer, Associated Press 10/4/15

"I see the injustices and the dangers that you and your families still face," [Hillary] told hundreds of gay activists at the annual meeting of the Human Rights Campaign. "I'm running for president to stand up for the fundamental rights of LGBT Americans."

Clinton, in her appearance, said she has been "fighting alongside you and others for equal rights and I'm just getting warmed up."

The statement marked a remarkable evolution for Clinton, who opposed same-sex marriage for more than two decades in public life as first lady, senator and presidential candidate. As recently as this year, Clinton said that while she personally supported gay marriage, the issue was best left for states to decide —a position held by most of the Republican presidential field.

Since then, Clinton has placed equal rights at the forefront of her campaign, in part a reflection of the growing political and financial strength of the gay community in Democratic politics.

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From "Hillary Clinton defends gay rights in strongest speech yet on issue" by Heidi M Przybyla, USA TODAY 10/3/15

Hillary Clinton pledged Saturday to champion new federal laws banning discrimination against gays and lesbians and warned that Republican presidential candidates will try to undo a Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, among other protections, if elected.

Republicans running for president would enact policies that will discriminate against and hurt gays and lesbians and their families, she said. Progress on equal rights "can be undone," Clinton told the annual gala of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest activist group working for gay rights.

Clinton also pledged to press a new generation of laws to protect the gay and lesbian community, including penalties on child welfare agencies that discriminate against them, nondiscrimination protections in the military for transgender individuals and laws to help prevent violence against transgender people, many of whom are female minorities.

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From "Biden previews battle against Clinton" by Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico 10/3/15

To hear Biden tell it, he’s been with the Human Rights Campaign for longer than the Human Rights Campaign has been around, this time pulling one of his less frequently used stories about his father to talk about a time when he was 17 years old—this would have been 1959—and he saw two men in business suits kiss each other goodbye on their way to work.

“Joey, they’re in love with each other. It’s that simple,” Biden recalled his father telling him, then turning his attention to the 3,500 activists in black tie and their history of work: “You left the Supreme Court no choice whatsoever but to recognize the simple proposition my father taught me 50 years ago.”

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