Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wichita State Chapel Muslim Conversion = Uprising

The Wichita State University administration is backtracking as a result of public reaction to recent renovations of the Harvey D. Grace Memorial Chapel that removed the Christian cross, altar and pews in favor of a more mosque-like atmosphere complete with Muslim prayer rugs.  The university is also being pressured by naïve students and other liberals for more "inclusive" construction projects including additions of Islamic-compliant restrooms, showers, etc.
"This is Islamophobia [that's] coming from off-campus, not from the students here."
-- Joseph Shepard, Wichita State Univ. student body president
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-- From "Wichita State criticized for changing chapel for Muslims" by The Associated Press 10/7/15

The [donor] family that made the chapel possible in 1964 specified that it remain open to all creeds and races. But dozens of Wichita residents learned about the renovation after Wichita State alumna Ann Cusick posted the changes to her Facebook page Friday and said taking out the pews marginalized Christians.

After that, university donors, alumni and others began posting comments and contacting university administrators.

Wichita State President John Bardo said Tuesday in a statement on the university's Facebook page that the school will consider changing the chapel's furnishings once again.

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From "News of Wichita State chapel renovation to help Muslims sparks backlash" by Roy Wenzl, The Wichita Eagle 10/6/15

[WSU’s vice president for student affairs, Eric] Sexton vowed on Tuesday to spend “whatever time it takes” to talk to students, donors, alums and the Wichita community.

[Alumna Ann] Cusick posted about the chapel renovation as soon as she learned of it, on Friday, six months after it was settled. She included a photo from inside the chapel, showing the absence of pews. “The Muslims are ecstatic” about the renovation, she wrote in the post. “Sumpin’ NOT right here.”

By Monday, donors, alums and others were contacting WSU administrators, including Sexton, who serves a dual role as both student affairs vice president and executive athletic director.

. . . There was a more recent story in the campus paper reporting that hundreds of Muslim students had signed a petition asking WSU to install bidet shower heads in WSU restroom and showers. A hand-held bidet is used among Muslims as part of cleansing habits.

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From "Minority Muslim students take over Christian chapel in Kansas university" by Hazel Torres, Christian Today 10/9/15

Right in the American Heartland, in the state of Kansas, a minority group of Muslim students have succeeded in taking over what used to be the Christian chapel of their university to the dismay of the school's majority Christian population.

But the Muslims now in control of the facility are dismissing the Christian outrage, calling it "Islamophobia," or prejudice against Muslims.

The Muslim students have also apparently taken over the university's student body and publication, the Wichita Eagle. Student body president Joseph Shepard told the Wichita Eagle that the Christian outrage is "coming from off-campus, not from the students here."

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From "Some would prefer that Muslims not use Wichita State chapel" by Mary Sanchez, Kansas City Star 10/9/15

It should also be underscored that Christian students who used the chapel also favored taking out the pews to make the space more inviting to Bible study groups and interfaith events. The request came through the student government association.

Why not accommodate Muslims at Wichita State? They number about 1,000 out of the nearly 15,000 in the student body. As The Wichita Eagle also explained, most of the foreign Muslim students pay three times the tuition rate of in-state students.

Obviously, alumni of any university or college have an important role to play. They have a vested interest in the stability of their alma mater. But alumni who are good stewards understand that they shouldn’t meddle by imposing their prejudices.

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From "Heartland fury as university renovates chapel to accommodate Muslims" by Todd Starnes, 10/8/15

. . . what happened at Wichita State wasn’t so much a renovation as it was a Christian cleansing. Anything remotely related to the décor of a Christian church was given the heave-ho.

The chapel’s stained glass windows are still intact – for now. But I would not be terribly surprised if they’re boarded up – for the sake of inclusivity.

This is what the Islamic transformation of a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values looks like, folks. The Christian faith is marginalized while the Islamic faith is given accommodation.

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