Friday, October 30, 2015

Colorado Abortionists Endorse School Candidates

As the teacher's union and myriad other liberal organizations mount a campaign to recall conservative school board members of the Jeffco Public Schools of Jefferson County in Golden, Colorado (the state's second-largest district), Planned Parenthood sees this as a golden opportunity to increase revenue and therefore has launched a campaign telling voters to dump abstinence-based sex education in favor of their $125 per student sex kits.

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-- From "School Board Recall Vote in Colorado Tests Conservative Policies" by Jack Healy, New York Times 10/28/15

The question facing voters is whether to oust a polarizing school board that has championed charter schools, performance-based teacher pay and other education measures supported by conservatives. Supporters of the recall have raised more than $250,000, about $15,000 of that from the local teachers’ union. . . .

Voters here are almost evenly divided among Democrats, Republicans and independents. In November 2013, voters broke with union-supported candidates to elect a slate of school board hopefuls running as conservative reformers.

All five seats on the board are up for election: the three conservatives facing a recall and two seats being vacated by more liberal members.

“I can take it,” said Julie Williams, one of the three conservatives, who said she had received harassing emails. “For my kids, it’s been pretty hard. I come from a strong family. We believe in standing on principle, even with malicious attacks on me personally.”

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From "Death threats, big money become part of Jeffco school board recall" by Yesenia Robles, The Denver Post 10/29/15

Campaign finance reports released this week show more than $450,000 has been raised by candidates and committees involved in the recall. But other organizations that act indirectly — including Americans for Prosperity, which supports the current board — do not have to file their spending. There are estimates that as much as $1 million already may have been spent on the recall.

The three union-backed candidates to replace the board members facing a recall have reported more than $144,900 in campaign contributions.

Committees supporting and opposing the recall have reported a total of about $181,000.  . . .

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From "Is Planned Parenthood Targeting Schoolchildren?" by Jennifer Kerns, The Daily Signal 10/28/15

Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado, a non-profit 501(c)4 organization, has sent letters to voters asking them to become involved in the school board recalls by first signing the petition to recall their elected officials, then volunteering for the effort to oust their local school board members.

. . . the Planned Parenthood group boasts of advancing “Colorado youths’ rights to real sex education and reproductive health care.” The group still opposes the state’s Parental Notification Act passed by the legislature in 2003 that requires parents of school-aged children under the age of 18 must be notified within 48 hours prior to abortion.

. . . Planned Parenthood is selling sex kits to local schools—including schools in the county in question—which Planned Parenthood’s own national website calls “Birth Control Training Kits.”

According to Planned Parenthood’s website, each of the kits contains 10 male condoms, two “female condoms,” one intrauterine contraceptive, one package of oral contraceptives, one “dental dam,” two samples of “water-based lubricants,” “cycle beads” for natural family planning purposes, one “Today” contraceptive sponge, one “syringe” containing a Depo Provera shot, and two vaginal contraceptive spermicidal films.

At least one local official in Jefferson County familiar with the kit reports that it includes a faux “Plan B” pill to familiarize school-aged students with “the morning after” pill.

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From "Vote in the Election on November 3rd For Real Sex Ed!" posted at Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado 10/15/15

For decades, abstinence-only extremists have targeted Colorado schools and students. The goal of these programs is to shame and scare youth out of sexual activity and they have proven ineffective in reducing unintended pregnancy rates.

As one of the leading reproductive health advocacy organizations in the state, Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado (PPVC) works to advocate for and protect young people’s access to age-appropriate, complete and real sex education in Colorado schools. PPVC was part of a coalition of advocates who worked with the Colorado General Assembly in 2013 to put guidelines in place for public schools who provide sex education. These guidelines require that schools that provide sex education do so in a way that is “medically accurate, age-appropriate, evidence-based, culturally-sensitive and inclusive of positive youth development.”

To help voters in choosing school board candidates, PPVC invited and collected surveys from candidates on a variety of questions concerning reproductive health and education. As a result of the survey, PPVC is issuing this list of Colorado school board candidates who are identified as “supporters” of comprehensive sex education and young people’s access to reproductive health care.

2015 Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado's School Board Candidate Supporters of Reproductive Health and Education:

    Susan Harmon - Jefferson County School Board District 2
    Ron Mitchell – Jefferson County School Board District 5

The survey includes questions about implementation of age-appropriate, medically accurate, evidence-based sex education, teaching consent and sexual assault awareness and prevention, and support of curriculum that makes LGBTQ [homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc.] youth feel included in sex education curricula and anti-bullying and harassment strategies.  The survey also asks if the candidates support minors’ access to confidential reproductive healthcare services, and that such services should be available at school-based health centers. These services and protections are vital to ensure youth have access to the reproductive health care they need.

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