Sunday, February 01, 2015

Mrs. Obama Thanks Hollywood for Gay Indoctrination

In an address Friday at the National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., First Lady Michelle Obama agreed with TV and screenwriters that their industry can use, and has used, the power of media to inculcate sexual deviancy in the culture, and so she thanked them for advancing the Gay Agenda
“So the fact is, in many ways, you all are in a unique position to help us address some of the most challenging issues that we face as a nation . . . like gay rights.”
-- Michelle Obama
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-- From "Michelle Obama joins Bradley Cooper to praise ‘American Sniper’" by Krissah Thompson, Washington Post 1/30/15

The first lady’s blessing comes three weeks before the Academy Awards and in the midst of a larger debate about the film [‘American Sniper’].

In her call-out to Hollywood’s “content creators,” [Mrs.] Obama said she would like Hollywood to have the same effect on views of military veterans that it has had on perceptions of gay and lesbian Americans.

“It wasn’t all that long ago that this was a third-rail kind of issue, not just in politics, but in entertainment as well,” she said of gay rights. “Today, ‘The Imitation Game’ is up for best picture at the Oscars, and Cam and Mitchell — two of my favorites — are raising their daughter on ‘Modern Family,’ one of the top-rated shows on TV. And at the same time, we’ve seen gay rights advance in real life as well.”

It is not unexpected that Obama chooses to engage moviemakers in connection with her initiative. The first lady has had a close relationship with Hollywood that was capped in 2013 when she made a surprise appearance at the Oscars to present the award for best picture.

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From "Michelle Obama Praises Movie-TV Industry for Promoting Same-Sex Marriage" by Terence P. Jeffrey, 1/31/15

“Every day, through the movies and TV shows and ads you all create, you have the power to shape our understanding of the world around us,” said Mrs. Obama.  “You challenge our most strongly held beliefs. You influence our opinions on current events.”

“. . . in the early ‘90s . . . Tom Hanks won an Oscar for his portrayal of a gay character in ‘Philadelphia.’ ‘The Real World’ included an openly gay cast member.  And over the years, there was ‘Ellen’ and ‘Will and Grace,’ ‘Milk’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain.’

“As my husband said, we’ve seen gay marriage go from a wedge issue into a civil right in states all across this country.And that’s just one issue.”

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