Monday, February 09, 2015

Gallup Poll: Americans Want Abortion Laws Changed

Only one-third of Americans say that they are satisfied with the current policies regarding abortion — the most discontent with the issue since Gallup first polled the question at the turn of the century.  Of those not satisfied, most want further restriction on abortion via new laws (except among Democrats).

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-- From "Americans' satisfaction with abortion policies sink to new low" by Chad Merda, Chicago Sun-Times 2/9/15

Gallup has been polling on the question since 2001 as part of the Mood of the Nation Poll, and the latest numbers are the lowest in the poll’s history.

The 34 percent satisfaction rate in 2015 is down four percent from 2014.

Much of the drop can largely be attributed to Republicans views on the nation’s abortion policies. While Democrats satisfaction has hovered near 50 percent since 2008, Republicans’ satisfaction has fallen sharply in the last year [to 21%].

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From "Approval of abortion polices drops to record low" by Sarah Ferris, The Hill 2/9/15

The percent of Republicans who dislike the country's abortion policies has steadily dropped under President Barack Obama, falling from a high of 44 percent approval rating under President George W. Bush.

While abortion has largely stayed off Congress' agenda under Obama, abortion has played an increasing role in the state legislatures since the GOP sweep in the 2010 midterms. Several states, like Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana, are now facing court battles over their new, far stricter laws.

Gallup's survey was conducted the first week of January, about two weeks before the issue of abortion caused significant infighting within the GOP. The party's centrist members – led by some females – took issue with a bill to ban late-term abortions because of specific language about how to handle cases of rape and incest.

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From "Fewest Americans Satisfied With Abortion Policies Since 2001" by Rebecca Riffkin, Gallup, Inc. 2/9/15

. . . From January 2001 to January 2008, after the election of Republican George W. Bush and spanning most of his two terms, at least 39% of Republicans each year said they were satisfied with the nation's abortion policies. Satisfaction among Republicans reached as high as 44% in January 2002, Bush's first year in office. However, since 2012, with Democratic President Barack Obama in office, no more than 29% of Republicans have been satisfied with the nation's abortion policies. And Republicans' satisfaction is particularly low this year, at 21%, an eight-percentage-point decline from a year ago.

Americans who say they are dissatisfied with current abortion policies were asked a follow-up question to learn if they are dissatisfied because they want current abortion laws to be stricter or less strict. This year, of those who are dissatisfied, twice as many prefer stricter rather than less strict laws: 24% want stricter laws, while 12% want current abortion laws to be less strict.

. . . This shift in attitudes most likely reflects the change from a pro-life Republican president to a pro-choice Democratic one. Notably, Democrats' views have not become more positive after the change in presidential administrations, perhaps because abortion is the law of the land.

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