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Obama Floods Gay Agenda with Taxpayers' Money

Increasingly, the Obama administration appears to be "all gay, all day."  Government spending watchdog organizations are continually uncovering federal programs that specifically target spending on pet projects of homosexualists — one of the largest funding sources of liberal politicians.
The Washington Free Beacon lists $39,643,352 of questionable research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including $2,364,521 in smoking cessation studies specifically for the LGBT community.
UPDATE 9/29/15 - President Obama Speech: Gay Agenda Trumps Constitution

UPDATE 5/9/15: President Obama Forces Gay Agenda on Schools via Taxpayer$$

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-- From "Feds Spent $432,000 Studying Gay Hookup Apps" by Elizabeth Harrington, Washington Free Beacon 1/22/15

The government awarded $432,000 to Columbia University to interview gay men who use GPS dating apps [such as Grindr] and determine whether it increases their likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behavior.

“Smartphone technologies have provided a new venue for sexual partnering among men who have sex with men (MSM),” the grant for the project states. “Indeed, there are a rapidly growing number of smartphone applications designed to facilitate sexual partnering among MSM.”

“Furthermore, given the expediency with which men are able to arrange sexual encounters using these applications, there is cause to question if, when, and how sexual negotiation and serostatus disclosure occurs,” the grant said. “The overall study goal is to understand how sexual risk behaviors among MSM may be facilitated by the nature of GPS-enabled smartphone applications, the way they are used, and the process by which sexual partnering occurs via smartphone applications.”

The project is also studying the sexual arousal level of gay men when using the apps.

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From "NIH Grant: $435,369 to Study ‘Culturally Targeted’ Ways to Help LGBT Smokers Quit" by Melanie Hunter, 2/6/15

“Our long-term goals are to increase smoking cessation in Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) smokers and to understand the processes related to cessation and relapse in this underserved population,” the [National Institutes of Health] grant stated.

The study will be conducted in two phases “to compare the efficacy of a culturally targeted intervention versus a non-targeted intervention on smoking cessation outcomes in LGBT smokers.”

In the first phase, researchers will use “focus groups and a pilot trial to establish the cultural appropriateness and acceptability of the targeted elements of the intervention.”

The second phase involves “a randomized smoking cessation trial to compare for the first time the efficacy of the American Lung Association’s Freedom from Smoking Program’ (ALA-FFS), Culturally targeted (ALA-CT) and Non-Targeted (Standard ALA-FFS) to LGBT smokers.”

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From "$661,858 Federal Study: Will 'Rapid HIV Home Test' Reduce HIV Infection Among Gays?" by Melanie Hunter, 1/13/15

The National Institutes of Health has awarded $661,858 to the New York State Psychiatric Institute to study whether the use of rapid home HIV tests will reduce sexual risk behavior in “men who have sex with men” and “transgender women.”

“This study focuses on HIV-uninfected men and transgender women who have sex with men, with special emphasis on ethnic minority individuals, who have more than one sexual partner and never or seldom use condoms,” the grant said.

“Statistics about HIV among male-to-female transgender women (TGW) are often unavailable but it is known that HIV prevalence in this population is high, and the 2011 Institute of Medicine Consensus Report called for much needed research among transgender populations,” the grant said.

“Alternatives to condom use are needed for individuals who cannot or will not use condoms,” it said.

“This 5-year randomized controlled trial will target mainly, but not exclusively, ethnic minority men and TGW who have sex with men, are HIV-uninfected and non-monogamous, never or seldom use condoms, and have a history of serodiscordant UAI,” the grant said.

Serodiscordant UAI is when one partner is infected with HIV and the other is not.

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From "ICE: We Have 'Special Housing Unit' in L.A. For 'Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Detainees'" by Melanie Hunter, 1/30/15

“We have a special housing unit in the Los Angeles area dedicated to the gay, bisexual and transgender detainees,” said Kevin Landy, assistant director of the ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] office of detention policy and planning.

“Individuals who prefer a transfer even across the country to that facility for their safety rather than being in a general population housing unit are afforded that opportunity, and we have transferred many people long distances at their choice to that unit,” he said.

“And we have an ongoing working group in this area to consider additional reforms on these issues, including adopting the most progressive policies,” Landy said. “There are a couple of jails in the entire country that have essentially transgender committees.”

When transgender detainees are taken into custody, they are assessed individually, and decisions about how the individual will be classified and where the individual will be placed “may not be based solely on the biological anatomy of that individual,” Landy said.

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And read how ObamaCare covers Gay Agenda elective treatment as well as health issues unique to homosexuals.

From "ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right to Hormone Therapy’ in Detention" by Melanie Hunter, 1/30/15

“With respect to treatment while in detention--the medical care standard--the standards guarantees a right to hormone therapy for individuals who need it for treatment, and even in facilities that are not covered by that standard. Our ICE House Service Corps is very vigilant on that issue to ensuring that individuals receive necessary hormone therapy,” said Kevin Landy, assistant director of the ICE office of detention policy and planning.

According to Commission Chairman Martin Castro, the Department of Homeland Security is the “largest agency that has custody of transgender individuals.”

“Transgender detainees who were already receiving hormone therapy when taken into ICE custody shall have continued access,” the report said. “All transgender detainees shall have access to mental health care, and other transgender-related health care and medication based on medical need. Treatment shall follow accepted guidelines regarding medically necessary transition-related care.”

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From "$39,643,352 Worth of NIH Funding That Could Have Gone to the Ebola Vaccine" by Elizabeth Harrington, Washington Free Beacon 10/16/14

Millions have gone to “text message interventions,” including . . . texting older African Americans with HIV ($372,460), HIV and drug users in rural areas ($693,000), HIV smokers ($763,519), pregnant smokers ($380,145), teen moms ($243,839), and meth addicts ($360,113). Text message interventions to try to get obese people to lose weight have cost $2,707,067.

Sexual minorities have received a substantial amount from the NIH. The agency has now spent $105,066 following 16 schizophrenic LGBT Canadians around Toronto for a study on their community experiences.

The total for a project on why gay men get syphilis in Peru is now $692,697 after receiving additional $228,425 this year. The NIH is also concerned about postpartum depression in “invisible sexual minority women,” with a study that has cost $718,770.

Millions went to develop “origami condoms,” in male, female, and anal versions. The inventor Danny Resnic, who received $2,466,482 from the NIH, has been accused of massive fraud for using grant money for full-body plastic surgery in Costa Rica and parties at the Playboy mansion.

How transwomen use Facebook is the subject of another NIH study worth $194,788.

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