Monday, February 02, 2015

Arrested Wisc. Preteens Threw Sex Party, Filmed It

Four students, possibly aged as young as 11, met by police at Brown Deer (Wisconsin) Middle School, are facing charges of criminal sexual assault of a child based on video evidence captured by children attending a party with classmates at a private residence.

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin told WDJT Channel 58 in Milwaukee that the incident demonstrates that children are in need of more sex information.

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-- From "Brown Deer Middle School students allegedly video recorded sex party" posted at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/28/15

A student reported to school staff that the alleged party took place at a house during the holiday break and that the students recorded the event on their smartphones, according to a story posted on [WISN-TV] website.

Brown Deer Police Chief Michael Kass told the station it doesn't appear any of the videos were posted on social media and that police are recommending the teens be charged with first- and second-degree sexual assault of a child.

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From "Brown Deer parents stunned by middle school 'sex party' charges" by Priscilla Luong, WDJT-TV58 (Milwaukee, WI) 1/29/15

No adults were home at the time.  The incident draws attention to the need for parents to take a more active role in their children's lives.

"We can't wait until our kids come to us and ask us, we have to bring up these conversations," said Maria Barker, of Planned Parenthood Wisconsin.

Officials at Planned Parenthood Wisconsin say it's important for parents to have an open discussion with their children about sex.

"Other people and the internet can give your kids the information about sex and sexuality, but no one can give your kids the family values that you would like to instill in them," said Barker.

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From "Parents in community react to sex assault arrests at Brown Deer Middle School" by Lila Carrera, WDJT-TV58 (Milwaukee, WI) 1/29/15

[Brown Deer Police Chief Michael Kass] told CBS 58 the teens weren't forced into it, but that's doesn't make it ok.

"Kids at that age can't consent to having sexual activity, hence law enforcement getting involved and potential crime," said Kass.

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