Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Law Against 'Gay Rights' Ordinances: Arkansas

Arkansas is poised to enact both a religious liberty law (House Bill 1228) and a law (Senate Bill 202) that prohibits local governments from passing "gay rights" ordinances aimed at circumventing state laws that do NOT ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
“I don’t think … a baker that loves the word of God, that’s bringing her children up to honor God and to worship God, should have her business destroyed because she doesn’t want to bake a cake for somebody that’s a transgender trying to marry somebody else.”
-- Rep. Mary Bentley, Perryville (R)
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-- From "Arkansas House supports religious conscience, anti-discrimination expansion ban bills" by Allen Reed, Associated Press 2/13/15

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he was concerned about taking away local control from municipalities. But he said he would let the bill become law without his signature [by default after five days], a move often used to show discontent but acknowledge there is enough support to override a veto.

The Arkansas House approved the measure in a 58-21 vote [after the Senate passed it 24-8], meaning it will become law unless vetoed. The chamber also approved a measure that would protect residents from being forced to act against their religious beliefs; that legislation now heads to the Senate.

House members also approved a bill that bars the state or local governments from placing a "substantial burden" on a person's right to exercise their religion. [Rep. Bob] Ballinger said the measure would, for example, protect a Muslim butcher who doesn't want to work with pork or a Christian who doesn't want to perform a same-sex wedding.

That legislation is patterned after the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 [RFRA]. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 19 states have similar laws and 10 states are currently considering them.

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From "Anti-bias law ban passes House" by Gavin Lesnick, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette 2/13/15

Rep. Bob Ballinger, R-Hindsville, who presented the bill Friday, said the measure is about having statewide uniformity in nondiscrmination laws and protections of different classes.

. . . Rep. Donnie Copeland, R-North Little Rock, and other supporters said the measure is needed as a protection for businesses, pastors or others who for religious reasons should be able to decline to provide services to gay people.

Copeland noted that bakers and wedding planners who have generated controversy for electing not to provide services for gay marriages.

"If they could stand here today, I believe they would tell you that this is very much needed," Copeland said.

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From "House OKs bills on anti-discrimination ordinances, ‘conscience protection’" by John Lyon, Arkansas News Bureau 2/15/15

House Bill 1228 by Ballinger, titled the Conscience Protection Act, passed in the House in a 70-20 vote. The bill would bar the state from burdening a person’s exercise of religion unless doing so furthers a compelling government interest and the state uses the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.

As an example, Ballinger said the law likely would require a school to make an exception to a rule against hats if a Jewish student wanted to wear a yarmulke on a holy day.

Ballinger also said he believes that gay rights and civil rights for blacks are different issues because people are born into their race but sexual orientation is “a choice.”

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From "Arkansas House Votes In Favor Of LGBT Discrimination" by Julia Craven, The Huffington Post 2/13/15

Arkansas state Sen. Bart Hester (R), who sponsored the bill, told BuzzFeed News that creating uniform policies across the state will attract businesses and that he was angered by one city’s repeated attempts to expand rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Hester told BuzzFeed News that it isn't just LGBT individuals who are singled out for discrimination. “I am singled out as a politician. I am singled out because I am married to one woman … I want everyone in the LGBT community to have the same rights I do. I do not want them to have special rights that I do not have.”

The bill's stated goal is to improve intrastate commerce by making it illegal for state businesses, organizations or employers to implement or enforce policies outlawing discrimination on grounds not covered in state law. Currently, Arkansas does not have LGBT protections at the state level.

Nationally, there has been pushback from state legislatures against expanding LGBT rights. . . .

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