Monday, February 16, 2015

New Deadly HIV Rampant in Cuba—Obama Media Ignore

Desperate Cuban medical professionals are seeking help from overseas HIV/AIDS experts regarding a new strain of HIV that leads to AIDS in a fraction of the time of the well-known HIV.  Not surprisingly, liberal compliant media have not reported this deadly disease that is soon to be imported from President Obama's newest foreign partner.

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-- From "Aggressive new HIV strain detected in Cuba" by Denise Royal, UPI 2/14/15

A new HIV strain in some patients in Cuba appears to be much more aggressive and can develop into AIDS within three years of infection. Researchers said the progression happens so fast that treatment with antiretroviral drugs may come too late.

Without treatment, HIV infection usually takes 5 to 10 years to turn into AIDS, according to Anne-Mieke Vandamme, a medical professor at Belgium's University of Leuven. According to the study, published in the journal EBioMedicine, Vandamme was alerted to the new aggressive strain of HIV by Cuban health officials who wanted to find out what was happening.

While fast progression of HIV to AIDS is usually the result of the patient's weak immune system rather than the particular subtype of HIV, what's happening in Cuba is different.

The new variant, named CRF19, is a combination of HIV subtypes A, D and G.

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From "Fast-acting HIV strain in Cuba troubles AIDS researchers" by Daniel Chang and Nora Gamez Torres, Miami Herald (TNS) 2/15/15

A strain of HIV that progresses to full-blown AIDS within three years if left untreated has become “epidemic” among newly infected patients in Cuba who reported having unprotected sex with multiple partners, according to a study published last week by international researchers working with patients and doctors in the Caribbean island nation.

The strain of human immunodeficiency virus — a combination of three subtypes of the virus — progresses so fast that researchers at Belgium’s Catholic University of Leuven said they worry patients infected with the mutated virus may not seek antiretroviral therapy until it’s too late.

Hector Bolivar, a physician and infectious-disease specialist with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, said the HIV research community has long known about the virus’ capacity to mutate and create new versions.

More than 60 strains of HIV type 1 exist in the world because of mutations.

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From "Aggressive New HIV Virus Strain In Cuba Progresses To AIDS In Less Than 3 Years" by Anthony Rivas, Medical Daily 2/15/15

“We have a collaborative project with Cuba and the Cuban clinicians had noticed that they recently had more and more patients who were progressing much faster to AIDS than they were used to [seeing],” said Professor Anne-Mieke Vandamme, a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Rega [Institute for Medical Research in Belgium], according to Voice of America. “In this case, most patients had AIDS even at diagnosis.”

The findings are especially concerning considering many people might not even know they have HIV infection. Firstly, because HIV tests normally can’t detect the virus during the first few weeks of infection (sometimes months), thus producing false negatives. Also, once a person gets through the flu-like symptoms that characterize acute infection — usually occurring about two to four weeks after infection — the virus undergoes a latency period, during which time it replicates and lives inside the body without causing any symptoms. This is the period that normally lasts 10 years before AIDS develops. Many of the current study’s patients, however, had gotten negative test results a maximum of one to two years prior to participating.

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From "Study: Aggressive HIV strain becomes AIDS in three years" by Vaccine News Daily Reports 2/16/15

Normally, HIV first anchors itself to human cells before settling. The virus uses co-receptors (proteins that are part of the cell membrane) as anchor points. Most HIV strains also use co-receptors called CCR5 as anchor points before changing the anchor points to CXCR4, which leads to AIDS. Typically, a person will remain healthy for several years before the virus changes anchor points.

The particularly aggressive HIV strain found in Cuba uses CXCR4 anchor points early in the infection, which minimizes the amount of healthy time a person has before being diagnosed with AIDS.

. . . unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners should be avoided to reduce the odds of contracting more than one strain of HIV, scientists said.

This strain is expected to hamper efforts at eliminating HIV and AIDS from the disease landscape, as patients can become infected with AIDS before they even realize they have HIV.

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