Monday, July 07, 2014

Abortion Movie Flops at Box Office; Just Not Funny

Promoted as a comedy and a "positive" film about a promiscuous woman who has an abortion, "Obvious Child" has demonstrated that audiences aren't clamoring to see a movie where a child is obviously murdered.

For background, read about the waves of pro-life sentiment flooding the nation.

-- From "'Obvious Child' lacks comic constancy" by Rick Bentley, The Fresno Bee 7/3/14

Give writer/director Gillian Robespierre credit for even attempting with "Obvious Child" to make a romantic comedy built around a woman's decision to have an abortion after a close encounter of the getting pregnant kind. Just being called an "abortion comedy" is enough to insight mobs to grab torches and pitchforks.

The way Robespierre handles such an incredibly delicate topic is not to make the jokes about having an abortion but have the comedy come from the nervousness and uncertainties Donna has about her life and this massive decision. The comedy feels natural because it's well-established that Donna deals with everything in her life with a joke.

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From "Movie review: ‘Obvious Child’ offers gab, not comedy" by Edwin Arnaudin, Asheville Citizen-Times 7/3/14

Comedy is hard. Sitting through an unfunny comedy is even harder.

. . . “Obvious Child” truly is a laugh-free affair, one made improbably less appealing by the filmmakers’ false assumption that its blunt handling of abortion is revelatory.

The bulk of critics, however, have bought the latter claim hook, line and sinker . . .

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From "Abortion Comedy 'Obvious Child' Flops at the Box Office" by Cassy Fiano, LiveActionNews/ 7/3/14

The way abortion advocates tell it, women have been clamoring for a movie featuring abortion – and not just abortion, but a “positive” abortion story. Forever bemoaning the lack of abortions in romantic books and movies, and even shoehorning abortion into a wedding announcement, pro-abortion activists were screeching with joy over the pro-abortion film Obvious Child.

No one expected Obvious Child to be a box office smash as an independent comedy. But these [dismal box office] numbers still tell a tale: women, in fact, are not rushing to theaters to see a movie that revolves around abortion. Crazily enough, it seems that people don’t find abortion all that romantic or funny. Like After Tiller, also the darling of the pro-abortion crowd, most of America is ignoring this movie, because most normal people don’t feel the need to romanticize abortion. Only pro-abortion extremists feel the need for abortion to not only be legal, but be celebrated and glorified.

Obvious Child was supposed to be the dawn of a glorious new day of abortion films, with studios realizing that it was just a genius idea to feature abortion as a positive in movies. But considering that most Americans aren’t turning out in droves to see a “comedy” about a girl who gets knocked up and has an abortion, laughing and making crude jokes all the way through it, the future of pro-abortion movies looks bleak.

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