Friday, July 11, 2014

Atheists Attack Christian Kids Club: Portland, OR

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The 75-year-old nationwide Good News Clubs, organizing to hold after-school meetings in Portland, Oregon, is facing resistance from the leader of the local chapter of the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation and from "hundreds of residents" who say that allowing "fundamentalist Christian extremists" to teach Bible lessons saying "all have sinned" must not be tolerated.
"We believe that these doctrines are harmful to 5-year-old children.  They teach fear. They teach shame."
-- Robert Aughenbaugh, Freedom From Religion Foundation and co-founder of Protect Portland Children
Atheists, secular humanists, totalitarians etc. feel they are "on the ropes" after a recent series of Supreme Court rulings favoring religious liberty.

Liberals are dismayed as even Democrat legislators across America are supporting school prayer laws.

-- From "Evangelical Christian clubs coming to Portland-area public schools, opposition says curriculum is 'hardcore fundamentalist indoctrination'" by Melissa Binder, The Oregonian 7/9/14

Missouri-based Child Evangelism Fellowship has already launched Good News Clubs in roughly 4,300 schools nationwide, said program manager John Luck. Now organizers of the religious group want to expand to Portland and its suburbs.

This year, Good News Across America is hosting summer Bible schools in partnership with 30 churches in the Portland region. Each church will run a separate program the week of July 21 and, if they have enough volunteers, work to establish a Good News Club at a nearby school in the fall.

There are already 94 Good News Clubs elsewhere in Oregon that meet on public school campuses, said Tony Villanueva, the fellowship's assistant state director.

According to a 2001 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the Good News Club has the same right to meet in public schools as non-religious educational or recreational clubs, such as the Boy Scouts.

Christine Miles, spokeswoman for Portland Public Schools, said the Good News Club won't be treated any differently than non-religious groups. . . .

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