Sunday, July 20, 2014

Judge Says Incest OK; It's the New Gay

As judges force same-sex "marriage" down the throats of Americans, it comes as no surprise for a judge to say that society needs to accept men having sex with their sisters, or for that matter, men having sex with children.
He also said the “only reason” that incest is still a crime is because of the high risk of genetic abnormalities in children born from consanguineous relationships “but even that falls away to an extent [because] there is such ease of contraception and readily access to abortion.”
UPDATE 5/21/15: Father & Son 'Marry' Legally in Pennsylvania

UPDATE 7/30/14: U.S. 4th Circuit Judge Says Incest 'Marriage' Will Follow Appeals Court Ruling for 'Gay Marriage'

UPDATE 11/1/14: New York Incestuous Marriage OKd by Unanimous Appeals Court

UPDATE 1/18/15: Teen Girl to Marry Father in New Jersey—Adult Incest is Legal

UPDATE 2/27/16: Legalize Incest, Post-death Sex, Say Young Liberals

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-- From "Judge compares incest and paedophilia to past attitudes towards homosexuality, claiming they might not be taboo anymore" by Louise Hall, Court Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald 7/9/14

A Sydney judge has compared incest and paedophilia to homosexuality, saying the community may no longer see sexual contact between siblings and between adults and children as “unnatural” or “taboo”.

District Court Judge Garry Neilson said just as gay sex was socially unacceptable and criminal in the 1950s and 1960s but is now widely accepted, “a jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available’, not having [a] sexual partner”.

“If this was the 50s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy. Those things have gone.”

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From "Is incest gaining acceptance? An Australian judge says it is" by Estelle Vosloo, Australian Times 7/14/14

Reported on Friday, Judge Neilson’s comment on incest becoming socially acceptable is being investigated.

Attorney-general for NSW, Brad Hazzard has said that judge Nielson’s comments are appalling and caused extreme concern.

“Incest is completely reprehensible, unacceptable, disgusting and criminal.”

Hazard has reported judge Neilson’s comments to the Judicial Commission of New South Wales for investigation. He also requested the District Court suspend the judge from criminal trials until the investigation into Neilson was completed.

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From "Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo" by Jonathan Pearlman in Sydney, UK Telegraph 7/10/14

Judge Neilson made the comments during the trial of a brother charged with raping his younger sister. The man has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his sister when she was 10 or 11 years old in 1973 or 1974 but has pleaded not guilty to charges relating to sex they had in 1981, when she was 18 and he was 26.

"By that stage they are both mature adults," the judge said.

"The complainant has been sexually awoken, shall we say, by having two relationships with men and she had become 'free' when the second relationship broke down. The only thing that might change that is the fact that they were a brother and sister but we've come a long way from the 1950s – when the position of the English Common Law was that sex outside marriage was not lawful."

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