Sunday, July 13, 2014

1st-grade Lesbians Attack Girl, NY Teacher Ignores

The mother of a Long Island six-year-old girl is suing the New Visions Magnet School in Freeport, New York for doing nothing to stop a sexual assault on her daughter by three other first grade girls taking place in a classroom and observed by the teacher.

“This abhorrent act would never have happened if the school had properly supervised the classroom.”
-- Attorney Vesselin Mitev, Ray, Mitev and Associates (representing victim)

(Is supervision the problem, or is it the school itself?)

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-- From "Long Island mom says daughter, 6, was molested by classmates at school: lawsuit" by John Marzulli, New York Daily News 7/11/14

The attack occurred last year at the New Visions Magnet School in Freeport where the victim was surrounded by three other first-graders in the “cubby area” of the classroom, according to the complaint originally filed in state court but transferred to Brooklyn Federal Court this week.

The girl was allegedly held down by the pint-sized female assailants, her clothing forcibly removed and she was sexually abused, the court papers allege.

The suit claims a teacher entered the room during the attack and failed to take action.

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From "Teacher didn’t stop sexual assault of 6-year-old girl by classmates: suit" by Selim Algar, New York Post 7/11/14

Naudia Reid, an accountant, claims that her daughter was stripped below the waist in a rear portion of a classroom at the New Visions Magnet School in Freeport by a trio of first-grade girls who sexually assaulted her, according to court papers.

Her disturbing suit claims that a teacher who entered the area to retrieve a book saw her daughter half-naked and curled up — but took no action.

Reid — who immediately pulled her out of the school — said principal Renee Crump Dedmon called her after the incident to tell her that something unseemly had happened but failed to relay the true extent of the attack.

Reid said the principal told her that another student who witnessed the attack alerted administrators and that other kids have corroborated her account.

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