Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Democrat Missouri Gov. Signs Religious Liberty Law

Countering numerous lawsuit attacks by atheists and humanists, Gov. Jay Nixon signed the Missouri Student Religious Liberties Act (HB 1303) to allow public school students to freely express their faith in public school work, as well as through prayer and speeches at forums such as graduation ceremonies.

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-- From "Nixon says religious liberties bill for schools" by The Associated Press 7/3/14

The bill signed Wednesday says students cannot face discrimination for expressing their religious viewpoints in homework, artwork and other class assignments. It says those projects must be graded according to ordinary academic standards.

The legislation also says that students may pray while at school and wear clothing and jewelry displaying religious messages to the same extent that other types of clothes are accessories are allowed.

Another part of the bill says that student religious groups shall be given the same access to using school facilities as other kinds of non-curricular groups.

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From "Legislator Pushes Bill to Protect Religious Expression" posted at KRZK-FM106.3 (Branson, MO) 1/25/14

[The bill] would permit religious expression in class assignments and provide students with the freedom to organize religious groups and activities in public schools. The legislation is in response to several incidents across the country where students were specifically excluded from group activities when the topic of their faith was discussed.

“The Student Religious Liberties Act will make it clear that students do not set aside their religious freedoms when they walk through the schoolhouse door,” said [state Rep. Elijah] Haahr, R-Springfield. “This legislation reaffirms the fact that it is not government’s place to prevent religious expression but to ensure that all student viewpoints are treated equally.”

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From "Haahr: Gov. Nixon gives victory to religious liberty in schools" posted at South County Mail (Rogersville, MO) 7/6/14

State Rep. Elijah Haahr called the governor’s signing of HB 1303 Wednesday an important victory for religious liberty in the state of Missouri. . . .

Haahr’s bill also allows public school districts to allow a limited public forum for student speakers at non-graduation and graduation events. In addition, it requires public school districts to issue a disclaimer at these events clarifying that viewpoints expressed are those of the student and not those of the school or district.

Haahr’s bill is similar to legislation signed into law in the state of Mississippi last year . . .

With the governor’s signature the bill is now set to become law on Aug. 28.

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