Thursday, July 17, 2014

Christian College Wins Transgender Dorm Complaint

20-year-old student Jayce Marcus filed a Title IX Civil Rights Act complaint against George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon when she wasn't allowed to live in male-only housing on the basis that she considers herself a man.  The university had previously requested a Title IX exemption from the U.S. Department of Education, which last week dismissed the complaint and granted the school a waiver to the 1972 Title IX gender discrimination requirements for colleges receiving federal funds.

Jayce says she'll appeal the decision, knowing that the media will pressure
President Obama to battle the religious liberty of the university.

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-- From "George Fox gets an exemption in case of transgender student" by Seth Gordon, Portland Tribune 7/16/14

“This is about a transgender student who wanted to move from female-only housing in May to male-only housing in September and the university offered him a single apartment or off-campus housing instead,” university spokesman Rob Felton said. “We sought the Title IX exemption to protect us from being forced to act in a manner inconsistent with our convictions.”

In a release posed on the university’s website, George Fox clarified its housing policy:

“The university has a single-sex dorm policy it has developed in light of its religious convictions. It has the discretion to assign students to housing, including when they assert a gender inconsistent with their birth sex.”

Jayce said he does not intend on leaving George Fox and in lieu of accepting the university’s offer to live alone on campus, has found an off-campus house where he will live with the male friends.

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From "DOE: Quaker school can discriminate against transgender student" by Emma Margolin, MSNBC 7/17/14

. . . Though the school is private, it accepts millions of dollars every year from the government via student loan programs.

. . . School officials told Jayce he had to live in an on-campus single apartment, instead of with his male friends because he was born a biological female. Jayce has completed the transition process, with his birth certificate, driver’s license, and Social Security card all reflecting that he is male.

Unbeknownst to Jayce, George Fox University had applied for a religious exemption – the same kind recently affirmed in the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision – days before he submitted his Title IX complaint. Even more shocking, the DOE granted the religious exemption almost immediately thereafter.

The DOE’s handling of Jayce’s case was especially surprising, given that in April, the department released guidance that specifically extended Title IX’s protections to transgender students, and invited complaints for investigation. But when Jayce’s complaint came in, the DOE said it no longer had jurisdiction. George Fox had beaten Jayce to the punch.

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From "US Education Department Says Christian University Can Refuse Male Housing for Female to Male Transgender Student" by Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor 7/14/14

"George Fox University, without telling us, requested a religious exemption to the Title IX regulations regarding housing, restrooms and athletics as they apply to transgender students," the student's attorney, Paul Southwick, was quoted as saying.

"The university sought this exemption to preserve its right to draw on its religious convictions to handle situations related to students experiencing gender identity issues. Other colleges have received similar Title IX exemptions in the past," George Fox said in a statement. "Providing appropriate housing for transgender students continues to be a challenge at religious and non-religious institutions across the country."

Marcus says he is "shocked and disappointed."

"I'm not giving up. I deserve to be treated like the other men on campus," he said.

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