Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ohio Shuts Down Last Abortion Clinic in Toledo

Lance Himes, acting director of the Ohio Department of Health, has revoked the license of Capital Care Network because no hospitals in Toledo, Ohio have agreed to be associated with the city's only abortion clinic.

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-- From "Health department revokes Toledo abortion clinic's license" by The Associated Press 7/31/14

Himes' decision follows a state hearing officer's recommendation that the clinic should be closed because it lacks a valid emergency-care agreement with a "local" hospital.

The clinic has argued that an agreement with a hospital more than 50 miles away, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, puts it in compliance with a new Ohio law that requires the transfer agreement.

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From "Toledo's last abortion clinic has license revoked" by Vanessa Mccray and Marlene Harris-Taylor, Toledo Blade staff writers 7/31/14

The University of Toledo Medical Center chose not to renew its agreement with Capital Care as of July 31, 2013. The [state] later prohibited public hospitals like UTMC, the former Medical College of Ohio, from entering into such agreements.

The clinic struggled for months to find someone willing to take its place before inking a deal with UMHS. The agreement with the Ann Arbor hospital, however, stated it would not be responsible for transportating patients. The clinic was prepared to pay for helicopter transports, if necessary.

[Abortion clinic owner Terry] Hubbard said she is not giving up and for now has the financing to fight the state ruling in court.

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