Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homosexualists Use Children to Battle Christianity

As is obvious, normalization of homosexuality is impossible without legitimization of "gay families" -- that is, homosexual couples (soon to encompass polyamory as well) with children -- thus, the emphasis on children of "gay families" in the media.

Were it not for The Church, every perversion would be glorified in man's eyes. The effect of Christians on society is obvious;
compare the secular European nations to (thus far) Christian America. Case in point: Former lesbian, now born again Christian, Lisa Miller and daughter.

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-- From "Male Couples Face Pressure to Fill Cradles" by Rachel L. Swarns, New York Times 8/9/12

Tom Lotito and Matt Hay, both 26 . . . never imagined as teenagers that they would ever get married, much less that friends and family members would pester them about having children.

“It’s another way that I feel like what we have is valid in the eyes of other people,” said Mr. Hay, who married Mr. Lotito in June before 133 guests.

As lawmakers and courts expand the legal definition of the American family, same-sex couples are beginning to feel the same what-about-children pressure that heterosexual twosomes have long felt.

For some couples, it is another welcome sign of their increasing inclusion in the American mainstream.

Popular culture is helping . . . [as gay parenting is] becoming increasingly visible on network television. In “Modern Family” . . . In “Scandal,” a new ABC series . . . And this fall, a new NBC sitcom called “The New Normal” . . .

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Vermont Judge Orders Child from Mother to Lesbian

From "Mennonite missionary testifies in Vermont custody case" by Wilson Ring, Associated Press 8/9/12

A Mennonite missionary in Nicaragua testified Thursday that he helped a woman embroiled in a Vermont custody dispute with her former lesbian partner flee the U.S. with her child . . .

Timothy Miller said in videotaped testimony that he knew Lisa Miller was fleeing the U.S. because of the custody battle but he believed at the time that she had full custody of her daughter Isabella. He said he picked the mother and child up when they arrived in Managua and arranged a place for them to live in Nicaragua.

Mennonite pastor Kenneth Miller is on trial on a federal charge of aiding in international kidnapping.

Prosecutors say Kenneth Miller helped Lisa Miller and Isabella, then 7, flee the country to avoid sharing custody with Janet Jenkins of Fair Haven. Timothy Miller was originally charged in the case, but the charges were dropped in exchange for his cooperation. The three Millers are not related.

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From "Opposing Sides Preview Strategies in Kidnapping Trial" by Erik Eckholm, New York Times, 8/8/12

Some 50 members of an Amish-Mennonite sect filled half the federal district courtroom here Wednesday, arriving from several states to support Kenneth L. Miller, a pastor accused of abetting international parental kidnapping in a case involving same-sex marriage, conservative Christianity and a bitter custody battle.

The prosecutors, in their opening statement and in the first day of testimony, described a flurry of actions by Mr. Miller to help Ms. Miller flee and get shelter from his sect’s missionaries in Nicaragua. They also described a pattern of deceit that, they said, revealed Mr. Miller’s awareness that Ms. Miller was seeking to avoid court-ordered visits and the imminent transfer of primary custody to Ms. Jenkins by a family court judge in Vermont.

Mr. Miller told others that Nicaragua was the chosen destination because it does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, said Eugenia Cowles, an assistant United States attorney.

Federal officials believe that Ms. Miller and Isabella, now 10, are hiding in Nicaragua, helped by Christian supporters.

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From "Pastor Involved in Lesbian Custody Battle Pleads Ignorance" by Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor 8/9/12

Kenneth Miller is charged with aiding international parental kidnapping, which can carry a maximum imprisonment of three years.

However, Kenneth Miller's lawyer, Joshua Autry, responded by saying he would prove that the pastor believed Lisa Miller had full custody of Isabella when she fled to Nicaragua via Canada. Addressing the jury, Autry added that their decision was not going to be a referendum for or against civil unions in the state. "It's going to be about whether, at the time of the removal, Janet Jenkins had parental rights."

Then ensued a battle over the custody of Isabella, who was conceived when the two women were living together in Virginia. Lisa Miller is her biological mother, and did not want her to be exposed to the homosexual lifestyle.

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From "Pastor prosecuted for helping girl escape court-imposed lesbian ‘mother’" by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, 8/10/12

At least two Mennonites who helped in the escape have decided to turn state’s evidence in the trial, testifying against Kenneth Miller, who has not cooperated with the prosecution.

Canadian pastor Ervin Horst has already testified for the prosecution, stating that he drove Lisa and Isabella to the Toronto airport from the Canadian border at Niagra Falls at the behest of Kenneth Miller.

While [Pastor Kenneth Miller] opposes homosexual “marriage,” he does not see it as the greatest threat to the institution, instead holding that “the greatest threat is a Christianity that has marginalized and compromised Jesus’ teaching on marriage. The teaching of Jesus as understood by the Church for the first 300 years of its history allowed for divorce or separation in rare cases, but remarriage was viewed as adultery.”

He prescribes a “radical repentance within Christianity” as the solution to the problem.

Miller’s supporters explain that “as a follower of Jesus, Ken could not ignore” Lisa Miller’s plea for help to escape Jenkins.

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