Friday, August 24, 2012

Univ. Gay Agenda Wastes Money, Says Congressman

Louisiana Rep. Jeff Landry has urged the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to end it's new queer studies program saying it's a waste of tax dollars and it does nothing to enhance students' employment prospects. University President Joseph Savoie responded saying that the LGBT program suits the purpose of higher education.

For background, read 'Queer Studies' Degree: Normalizing Sexual Deviancy and also read California Schools Offer 'Gay Curriculum' as well as Harvard Comes Out of the Closet with 'Queer Studies'

-- From "GOP lawmaker wants university to end new program on transgender studies" by Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill 8/24/12

"Please do not assign scarce assets meant for 15,000 students on a minor that serves five people and offers nothing for direct employment prospects," Landry wrote to the university, according to a report from Louisiana's KATC. "I hope the university will put our people over politics."

Landry and university President Joseph Savoie have been in a back-and-forth discussion over the LGBT studies program since it was created earlier this year. Landry asked Savoie to terminate the program in July, in a letter that also asked for information about whether there were any federal rules that prevented the university from discontinuing the program. Landry said he would "do everything in my power to either repeal these requirements or secure a waiver for the University."

That prompted Savoie to defend the program in a letter to Landry that said "universities support student learning and produce new knowledge, educated leaders, informed citizens and expert professional skills and training."

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From "Jeff Landry: UL LGBT minor wastes resources" by U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry, posted at Gannett 7/19/12

As our nation has faced 41 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent, higher education's primary mission should be ensuring students have the tools necessary to compete in today's tough economy. Our colleges and universities should be allocating their time, energy, and resources on programs that increase the hiring viability and earning capacity of our students.

While we have students at UL attempting to enter the workforce as quickly as possible, their university is telling them classes are unavailable due to budget cuts. These young people pursuing financial security are being shut down by an elite academia piling on massive student loan debt and offering curricula restrictive to job opportunities.

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