Saturday, August 18, 2012

Texas Lawmaker Says She'll Have Sex with ANY Gender

Claiming to be a lesbian during her election campaign, Mary Gonzalez now says she's "pansexual," meaning that she has had, and will continue to have relationships with men, women, transsexuals, "gender queer" -- apparently meaning anyone who could be considered a human being.
"As I started to recognize the gender spectrum and dated along the gender spectrum, I was searching for words that connected to that reality, for words that embraced the spectrum."
-- Rep. Mary Gonzalez (Democrat-Austin)
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-- From "Mary Gonzalez, Texas State Representative, Identifies As Pansexual In New Interview" reported by Huffington Post 8/10/12

Mary Gonzalez broke barriers when she became her state's only openly lesbian lawmaker when she was elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

Though many might describe Gonzalez's orientation as bisexual, pansexuals don’t believe in a "gender binary," and hence can be attracted to all gender identities.

Although she came out as bisexual at age 21, Gonzalez said she has also dated transgender and "gender-queer" people, in addition to women.

Gonzalez's election in May drew praise from a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates.

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From "Mary Gonzalez comes out as pansexual" by Anna Waugh, Staff Writer, Dallas Voice 8/10/12

Although her election focused on helping El Paso’s District 75 citizens gain access to clean drinking water and better educational opportunities, her sexuality was front and center, and something she had to repeatedly address. Mainstream media called her the Latina lesbian lawmaker. The coverage led to negative comments about her dating men in the past and accusations that she was not a “true lesbian,” Gonzalez said.

Denis Dison, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which endorsed Gonzalez, said there are several openly bisexual politicians nationwide but none have used the term pansexual.

“People should inform the media and others about the term they prefer, and that sort of education is a good thing,” Dison said. “It’s also a little more tricky in politics to be cutting edge and inform people about something they may not be familiar with.”

Robyn Ochs, a co-founder of the umbrella organization BiNet USA and nationally recognized educator in gender and sexuality, agreed.

“To not use that word because people don’t know what it means is never going to move us forward,” Ochs said. “By using language, we change understanding. We create understating.”

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From "Texas Rep says she's a pansexual. What the heck is that?" by Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM) 8/15/12

While the vast majority of people are attracted to the opposite sex, and homosexuals claim same-sex attraction, pansexuals claim they are attracted to both genders and all "gender identities". For some using this label, they claim that they not only have a right to be so attracted but that it should be treated as a new civil right.

According to researchers, pansexuals don't recognize "gender binaries."

While members of the LGBT community are praising this latest development, most of the rest of the nation is simply trying to come to terms with a new form of sexual identification of which many were previously unaware. Many are also asking, what's next for a culture spiraling out of control?

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