Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Civil Union' Joins a Man & Two Women in Brazil

Although Brazilian church leaders are outraged, the public notary who legitimized the family of three spouses said that the civil unions law (originally intended for a pair of homosexuals) created the opportunity for legalized polyamory -- so get over it!

For background, read 'Gay Marriage' Enables Polygamy Court Challenge and also read Polygamy a Civil Right: Canadian Court Case as well as Once Marriage is Re-defined, Chaos Ensues

-- From "Brazil: Three joined in civil union" The UK Independent 8/29/12

A civil partnership between three people has been officially recognised in the state of Sao Paolo. The relationship between one man and two women was passed by public notary Claudia do Nascimento Domingues, who said the trio were entitled to family rights.

"What we considered a family before isn't necessarily what we would consider a family today," she said.

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From "Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil" posted at BBC News 8/28/12

[Notary Domingues] says there is nothing in law to prevent such an arrangement.

The three individuals, who have declined to speak to the press, have lived in Rio de Janeiro together for three years and share bills and other expenses.

Nathaniel Santos Batista Junior, a jurist who helped draft the [civil union] document, said the idea was to protect their rights in case of separation or death of a partner, Globo reports.

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From "Three people enter into civil union in Brazil" The UK Telegraph 8/28/12

Same sex unions have been legally recognised in Brazil since 2004. A same-sex couple may convert their civil union into marriage with the approval of a state judge. In July 2011, a judge in Sao Paulo approved the country’s first gay marriage, when he ruled two men could convert their union.

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From "Three-person ‘stable union’ registered in Brazil" by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, 8/29/12

The action follows a decision by the nation’s Supreme Tribunal to allow homosexuals to enter into such unions, despite the fact that they are defined in the Constitution as a union between a man and a woman. The decision led to a lower court decision extending the eligibility for homosexuals to marriage itself, although the verdict has not yet been recognized throughout Brazil.

“Stable unions” exist in Brazil to regulate cohabiting couples who are unmarried.

The “stable union” status gives rights of inheritance and establishes rules for dividing the group’s estate if there is a breakup. According to the law, stable unions exist to ease the transition to “marriage.” Pro-family groups fear that polygamous marriage might be the next step, as happened in the case of homosexual unions.

Pro-family groups in the United States and the Anglosphere have long argued that the “non-discrimination” rationale used to justify homosexual “marriage” could equally apply to polygamy, while homosexual “marriage” proponents have dismissed such fears as baseless.

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