Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herman Cain: Christian Tea Party Candidate

Businessman (non-politician) Herman Cain invokes God, the Constitution, as well as his simple-folks Christian roots, in a YouTube launch of his presidential campaign.

Cain has "the voice of Othello, the looks of a football player, the English of Oxfordian quality and the courage of a lion."
-- Jack Kemp
UPDATE 6/5/11: NY Times, lamestream media discover Herman Cain

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UPDATE 6/2/11: Liberals trying to understand "black conservatism"

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UPDATE 5/30/11: Liberal media curious how "racist Tea Party" could back a black candidate

-- From "Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain to run for president" by Reuters 5/21/11

The 65-year-old has never held political office. He made an unsuccessful bid for Senate from Georgia in 2004.

Cain worked as an executive at Coca-Cola, Pillsbury and Burger King before becoming CEO and president of Godfather's Pizza. He also served as chairman, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

More recently he has hosted his radio program, "The Herman Cain Show," broadcast out of Atlanta.

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From "Herman Cain officially announces presidential bid" by Juana Summers, Politico 5/21/11

. . . Herman Cain, the Atlanta businessman and one-time pizza king who announced his presidential candidacy Saturday, said he plans to alter the course of the election by appealing to grassroots voters and competing aggressively across the early state map. And he said he’s already looking beyond Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

“This day, this hour, this moment, I came here to declare my candidacy for the Republican nomination for president of the United States of America,” Cain told more than 10,000 supporters gathered in Atlanta’s Centennial Park.

Cain delivered a rousing half-hour speech that touched on his childhood and adolescence in Atlanta, but quickly launched into a fiery critique of President Obama’s leadership.

“It’s time to get real. Hope and change ain’t working,” Cain said, turning around the “hope” meme that Obama used in 2008. “Hope and change is not a solution.”

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From "5 Reasons Herman Cain Could Be a Factor" posted at National Journal 5/21/11

While he enters the Republican presidential race as a long shot with low name recognition and little money, he has some underappreciated assets, and the field remains largely undefined. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t count him out (and a couple reasons why you might be able to).

1. He has a compelling life story. . . .

2. Once people get to know him, they love him. . . .

3. He is not a flip-flopper. . . .

4. He has ties with the tea party movement and Evangelicals. . . .

5. He’s a true outsider. . . .

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From "The Case for Herman Cain for President -- Solving for X" by Herman Cain, 5/21/11

I graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in mathematics in 1967. Back then, we didn’t use fancy calculators to solve problems. Instead, we utilized formulas to “solve for x.”

The same holds true in life. Throughout my own, “solving for x” meant learning how to nurture a family, how to navigate the corporate world during unfavorable times and how to deliver results. In delivering these results, I have always maintained a sense of humanity while achieving bottom lines and profitability. It stems from my humble beginnings, upbringing and spiritual compass.

I grew up in a three-room house during the height of segregation. My father worked three jobs-- as a barber, janitor and chauffer—and my mother was a domestic worker. They toiled tirelessly to provide for my brother and me in hopes of giving us a better life than what they ever knew. And they did.

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UPDATE 10/14/11 - Atheist Bill Maher bets $1 million that GOP won't make 2012 a choice between two black men (video):