Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abortions Restricted via Texas Sonogram Law

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to sign a law soon requiring a woman seeking an abortion to have a sonogram and hear a description of the fetus, including whether it has developed fingers, toes or internal organs.

For background, read Several Pro-life Bills Considered in Texas and also read Pro-life Legislation Floods America as well as Texas Sonogram Abortion Legislation Passes Senate

UPDATE 2/6/12: Law clears final legal hurdle

UPDATE 2/21/12 - CBS News presents sonogram as "a burden" to black mother's choice to kill her baby (video):

UPDATE 1/13/12: Federal appeals court clears way for immediate enforcement while opponents challenge measure in district court

UPDATE 8/30/11: Judge temporarily blocks key provisions of law

UPDATE 7/1/11: Abortionists file for injunction against law

UPDATE 6/14/11: Abortionists challenge law in court

UPDATE 5/20/11: Perry signs abortion sonogram bill into law

From "Texas Legislation Adds Conditions on Abortion" by Ana Campoy, Wall Street Journal 5/10/11

The goal, supporters say, is to improve medical care for women and encourage them to reconsider having abortions.

"We believe that when they see the miracle of life some will change their minds," said Dan Patrick, a Republican state senator who represents part of Houston and who sponsored the legislation, which passed both houses of the state legislature last week.

The group filed a suit challenging a similar law adopted last year in Oklahoma, contending that it violates state constitutional guarantees of privacy for patients and free speech for doctors. A state judge blocked enforcement of the law until the suit is resolved. The group plans to mount a legal challenge to the Texas legislation, if Gov. Perry signs it.

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From "Doctors must perform sonograms before abortions with new Texas Law" by Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM) 5/9/11

Proponents say the law is necessary to make sure women understand what every procured abortion truly entails, the intentional killing of an innocent child in the womb. Opponents say the measure somehow interferes in the doctor-patient relationship. The sonagram enables a fully informed decision on the part of the woman who carries the child.

In a statement issued by NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, a non-profit state-wide organization which defends the "right" to abortion for any reason at any time prior to the birth of the child, they expressed opposition to the legislation, insisting that the 24 hour waiting period will present a "hardship" for those who live in the 93% of Texas counties that don't have an abortion provider.

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