Friday, May 13, 2011

RU-486 Pill Higher Risk than Surgical Abortion

A new Australian study has found strong evidence that chemical RU-486 abortions have a far higher rate of serious complications than surgical abortion, undercutting a major selling point of the abortion drug regimen.

-- From "Abortion pill 'less safe than surgery'" by Jamie Walker, The Australian 5/7/11

The "audit" of nearly 7000 abortions performed in South Australia in 2009 and last year found that 3.3 per cent of women who used mifepristone in the first trimester of pregnancy - when most elective terminations occur - later turned up at hospital emergency departments, against 2.2 per cent who had undergone surgery.

And the rate of hospital admission jumped to 5.7 per cent for recipients of early "medical" abortions - using drugs - compared with 0.4 per cent for surgical patients re-admitted for post-operative treatment.

Use of the controversial drug, which was introduced to Australia only five years ago, is growing fast as proponents cite its safety, ease and cost-effectiveness against surgery, as well as the option it gives women to have an induced miscarriage in the privacy of their own home.

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From "Study finds RU-486 much more dangerous than surgical abortion" by Peter J. Smith, 5/10/11

Pro-life advocates in the United States and elsewhere around the world have also noted the severe complications that may occur with RU-486 abortions.

RU-486 was made legal in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000, and since then at least six American women have died of complications from medically induced abortion. Abroad, the Italian Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2008 reported 16 maternal deaths associated with RU-486, leading the Italian Senate to delay sale of the chemical abortion regimen.

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From "New Study Undermines Case for RU486 in Australia" by Dave Andrusko, National Right to Life News 5/10/11

National Right to Life News has run many, many stories about complications associated with the use of RU486. For example, a 2009 study from Finland found that 20% of the women using the abortion pill suffer at least one significant complication and that nearly 4% reported two or more complications or “adverse events.”

More than a fifth of abortions in South Australia are done using RU486. Looking to the future the most revealing line in the story [above] is, “The findings will undermine a selling point of medical abortion–that the risk of complication is less than or equivalent to an operation–and play into the hands of opponents of the rollout of mifepristone, or RU486.”

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