Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Army's Best-known Gay to Stand Trial

SPC Bradley Manning, the treasonous WikiLeaker who took out his homosexual frustrations by exposing America's military and diplomatic secrets to enemies worldwide, faces the military justice process leading to court martial, or possibly a death sentence.

For background, read WikiLeaker a Homosexual with Army Grudge

UPDATE 8/15/13: Defense argues Manning suffers from "gender confusion"

UPDATE 12/18/11 - NBC News reports Manning "suffers from something called gender identity disorder" (video):

UPDATE 6/23/11: Librarian association wants treasonous soldier released - considers him like a hero

-- From "Manning competent to face court martial" by Jim Miklaszewski, NBC News 4/29/11

A U.S. Army medical and mental evaluation team has determined that WikiLeaks suspect PFC Bradley Manning is both physically and mentally competent to face court martial. The 706 Board, as it's called, took several months to make that determination.

The board's ruling clears the way now for Manning to appear before an Article 32 hearing -- the military equivalent of a grand jury -- to determine if he should face court martial.

The Army has leveled nearly 30 charges against Manning in connection with the alleged theft of "hundreds of thousands" of classified military and State Department documents, many of which eventually were publicly released by Wikileaks.

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From "Army says WikiLeaks suspect fit to stand trial" by The Associated Press 4/29/11

Army spokesman Gary Tallman says a panel of experts completed its medical and mental evaluation of Pfc. Bradley Manning on April 22, and informed Army officials Friday of the conclusion.

Tallman says no date has been set yet for the initial court hearing, and added that the evaluation board's findings "have no bearing on the guilt, innocence, or any potential defenses of the accused."

The Army private is suspected of obtaining hundreds of thousands of classified and sensitive documents while serving in Iraq and providing them to the website. He faces about two dozen charges, including aiding the enemy. That charge can bring the death penalty or life in prison.

Manning was transferred from a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va., last week to a new facility at Fort Leavenworth prison in Kansas.

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From "WikiLeaks 'whistleblower' is deemed fit to stand trial" by David Usborne, US Editor, The Independent (UK) 4/30/11

One of the charges he faces involves aiding the enemy – of which, if he is found guilty, could technically carry a death sentence. However, Army prosecutors have indicated they would seek a sentence of up to life in prison instead.

Leavenworth officials were at pains to stress that since last week's transfer there he was no longer deemed in danger of killing himself and would not be detained in isolation. "Typically in this facility, we would not keep anybody on suicide watch more than 24 to 48 hours," said Col Dawn Hilton.

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From "WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning cleared to stand trial" by David Martin, CBS News 4/29/11

It took nine months for the psychiatrists to judge him mentally fit, mostly because it took months and months to grant them the security clearances necessary to be read in on a case involving half a million secret documents. . . .

. . . The same sort of problems involving classified documents and security clearances that slowed his psychiatric evaluation will also delay his trial.

And that's not including the Department of Justice's attempts to build a case against Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Manning would obviously be key to any prosecution of Assange, and the government almost surely would not want to give anything away by bringing Manning to trial before it finished trying to build a case against WikiLeak's co-founder.

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