Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Gay Rights' = Civil Rights: Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has elevated the drive to normalize "sexually perverted acts" to the stature of America's greatest struggle for human rights by its celebratory display of historical Gay Agenda documents.

-- From "Gay rights papers shown at US library" by Brett Zongker, Associated Press 5/9/11

Documents from gay rights history are on display for the first time at the Library of Congress as part of an exhibit on the nation's constitutional history and civil rights protections.

The documents come from gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny, who was fired as a government astronomer in 1957 because he was gay. The library is showing Kameny's 1961 petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, contesting his firing.

Though it was denied, Kameny's was the first petition to the high court for a violation of civil rights based on sexual orientation. He argued the government's actions toward gays were an "affront to human dignity."

The library quietly placed the documents on view at the end of April in an exhibit called "Creating the United States," which traces the evolution of the nation's founding documents and legal framework. Organizers of the Kameny Papers Project, which donated about 50,000 items to the library in 2006, planned to announce the display Monday.

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From "Two documents on gay rights added to Library of Congress display" by Jacqueline Trescott, Washington Post 5/9/11

In 2006 Frankli n E. Kameny, a pioneer gay rights activist, donated 50,000 letters, correspondence and testimony to the Library of Congress.

[The exhibit includes] a 1966 letter written by the chairman of the U.S. Civil Service Commission telling Kameny his firing was justified.

John W. Macy wrote: “Persons about whom there is evidence that they have engaged in or solicited others to engage in homosexual or sexually perverted acts with them, without evidence of rehabilitation, are not suitable for federal employment.”

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From "On Our Gaydar: Library of Congress" by Natalie Hope McDonald, Philadelphia Magazine 5/10/11

You may not immediately think about visiting the Library of Congress to get your gay on, but a new display may inspire you to do just that. . . .

[Kameny] received an apology in 2009 [from the Obama Administration] for the “shameful action” by the Civil Service Commission of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management – 50 years after the fact.

. . . a law professor from Yale – William Eskridge – compared Kameny to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, but for the gay rights movement.

Not only is it an important exhibition about how far civil rights have come in the U.S. – including LGBT rights – but it’s a great reason to visit the nation’s capital, which according to a recent report, actually boasts the most same-sex households in the U.S.

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