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ACLU Threatens Schools: Must Teach Homosexuality

The American Civil Liberties Union has successfully forced many school districts to provide full access to deviant sexual behavior "education" websites using a nationwide campaign enlisting children to report their school's Internet filtering systems.

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UPDATE 8/16/11: ACLU sues Camdenton, MO Schools for filtering out deviant sex websites

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UPDATE 3/14/12: Federal judge agrees with ACLU in Missouri -- sexualization of students mandated

-- From "Students asked to out public schools that block pro-gay sites" by Helen A.S. Popkin, NBC News Today 4/11/11

Don't Filter Me, a projected launched by the ACLU's LGBT Project and Yale Law School LGBT Litigation Clinic, is reaching out to public school students, ages 13 and older, in an effort to "combat illegal censorship of pro-LGBT information on public school computer systems."

Blocking all LGBT content from public school Internet violates both the First Amendment and the Equal Access Act, which requires equal access to school resources for all extracurricular clubs.

The LGBT Project became aware that public schools were filtering pro-gay content a few years ago, when a high school student in Tennessee contacted the advocates, LGBT Project's Chris Hampton said in a recent interview.

Speaking with Dan Savage, who runs the Savage Love advice column and podcast and is the founder of the It Gets Better Project for gay teens, Hampton said the student was searching for information about LGBT scholarships on a school computer, and found those sites were blocked.

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From "ACLU Says PW Co. Schools Block LGBT Websites" by Jonathan Wilson, WAMU FM 88.5 American University Radio (Washington, DC) 4/13/11

The American Civil Liberties Union says the public school district in Prince William County, Virginia is violating the rights of students and employees by blocking access to certain websites through school computers.

Prince William School District communications director Ken Blackstone says the district is legally bound to filter web content, and is concerned about what material is appropriate for its youngest students.

"We're under mandates to filter content that is deemed to be objectionable, deemed to be harmful to minors, and how it's stated in law," he says.

He says the school district is reviewing its filtering process and will respond to the ACLU's letter. The civil rights group has requested a response by April 25.

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From "New Jersey School Stops Blocking Pro-Gay Websites" by The Associated Press 4/12/11

A New Jersey school board has stopped blocking gay and lesbian websites on high school and middle school computers.

Two Vineland High School students complained to the American Civil Liberties Union that sites belonging to the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network were being blocked by filtering software.

The ACLU and Yale Law School have been pushing schools to drop similar filters. Vineland was the first district in New Jersey that the campaign targeted.

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From "ACLU trying to stop to Minn. school’s censoring of LGBT Internet content" by Andy Birkey, The Minnesota Independent 5/4/11

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota is demanding that the Northfield School District stop filtering LGBT internet content on the district’s computers.

The ACLU received a tip from Northfield students that the computers were filtering LGBT resources. Northfield uses a software called Lightspeed which contains a filter called “education.lifestyles” defined as “Education about lifestyles — gay, lesbian, alternate.”

Already the campaign has been successful in getting those filters removed from a Kansas City school district, and the ACLU has identified filters in Virginia, Ohio and New Jersey.

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From "Gay-Straight Alliance Gets Filters Removed" by David Lee, Courthouse News Service 5/5/11

Officials in two Texas school districts have agreed to stop censoring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Web content, the ACLU said this week. Students from schools in Fort Worth and Baytown contacted the ACLU after finding that websites such as the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and sites that provide resources for LGBT youth in crisis were blocked on school computers.

The ACLU sent demand letters to both districts as part of its national initiative to prevent censorship of such information on public school computer systems.

The districts are the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District in Fort Worth and Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District in Baytown.

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