Saturday, May 07, 2011

Christian Weatherman Fired for Strip Club Complaint

The chief meteorologist at KERO-TV 23 in Bakersfield, CA was fired after he was denied a vacation request for the air date of an immoral news broadcast and chose to not show up for work.

-- From Meteorologist Jack Church's Facebook post:
Lost my job w/KERO-TV. We were set to air story @ start of sweeps in 5pm news featuring strip clubs & how they’re doing well in down economy. I protested saying it was inappropriate material for local newscast. Based on my Chrisitan values I could not be to part of this newscast. I asked to have day off when it would air. They denied request, I did’nt appear they fired me 5 days later for breach of contract.
From "KERO Fires Chief Meteorologist After He Objected to Racy Strip Club Story" by Andrew Gauthier, Mediabistro 5/6/11

KERO‘s chief meteorologist Jack Church is no longer with the station and the veteran weathercaster says that he was fired after he objected to the ABC-affiliate’s airing of a story on local strip clubs.

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Here's the objectionable news story from "Business Stays Strong For Strippers" by Cris Ornelas, 23ABC South County Reporter, KERO-TV 4/29/11

Reserving a VIP booth can cost $150 for a night. But right now there is no shortage of reservations. Even in the middle of a recession, when money is tight for pretty much everyone, managers at Déjà Vu say they are still seeing more than 1,000 customers a week.

Bailey Michaels has been an exotic dancer for five years . . . “At the end of the day, and everybody knows this, sex sells. The whole fantasy, you know, just coming in here and being whoever you want to be," Michaels said.

Michaels said people assume its all about the nudity and the sexuality. But she says often it’s just about companionship.

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