Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Than Two Genders, Kindergartners Taught

Anti-bullying programs are Gay Agenda indoctrination classes in disguise, as all conservative news sources have been broadcasting for years now, but still most Americans remain unaware. Perhaps this news report will inform a few more citizens of this public school propaganda

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UPDATE 6/3/11: Outrageous Transgender School Curricula (opinion)

-- From "Transgender Clownfish Controversy" by Mathew Luschek, NBC Bay Area News 5/26/11

On Monday and Tuesday, students of every grade were taught what the school called age-appropriate lessons about gender differences. Some lessons included all-girl geckos, a transgender clownfish, and boy snakes who act "girly" reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

"That's a lot of variation in nature," Gender Spectrum trainer, Joel Baum, told the students. "Evolution comes up with some pretty funny ways for animals to reproduce."

Principal Sara Stone said the lesson on gender differences was part of a larger effort to control bullying in the school, something parents supported last year.

The $1,500 cost of training was funded by a grant from the California Teachers Association.

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From "Oakland elementary school teaches children about gender" by Katy Murphy, Oakland Tribune 5/23/11

Some girls like the color blue. Some boys like to wear things that sparkle. Not all girls play with dolls, and not all boys like to play with trucks [according to anti-bullying consultant Joel Baum of Gender Spectrum].

Kindergartners at Redwood Heights Elementary School reached those conclusions on Monday during a lesson about gender and acceptance. "Colors are colors," "toys are toys," and "activities are activities" were the mantras of a lesson designed for kindergartners and first-graders. Older children learned more about what gender means, how it's been expressed in different cultures throughout human history, and that it's possible to be both genders -- or neither.

Redwood Heights is the first elementary school in Oakland to teach children about gender identity and expression with a curriculum developed by Gender Spectrum, a San Leandro-based organization. The school's parent groups endorsed the lessons as part of an ongoing effort to make the school more welcoming, Principal Sara Stone said.

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From "Oakland school's lessons in gender diversity" by Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer 5/24/11

The school also teaches students about the variety of families at the school and takes on the issue of bullying.

. . . some boys can act like girls; some girls can have boy body parts; and some biological boys feel like a girl inside their hearts, [Joel Baum] said.

"It turns out that there are not just two options," he said.

Parents were advised of the lesson plan weeks ago, but the curriculum was not something their children could opt out of as they can with sex and AIDS education, district officials said.

All state schools are required to have a specific plan to address safety and other issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

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From "Gay diversity lessons, for 4th graders" by Kelly Boggs, Baptist Press 5/27/11

"Gender identity is one's own sense of themselves. Do they know themselves to be a girl? Do they know themselves to be a boy? Do they know themselves to be a combination?" Baum told Fox. "Gender identity is a spectrum where people can be girls, feel like girls, they feel like boys, they feel like both, or they can feel like neither."

The recent "diversity" teaching at the California elementary school is nothing more than an effort to indoctrinate children to embrace the concept that aberrant forms of sexual expression are not only acceptable, they are inherently good. It is taking place in public schools over the country and is part of a "gay" agenda to promote that homosexuality and other deviant behaviors are natural, normal and healthy.

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