Thursday, March 31, 2016

NJ Parents Reject School's New Transgender Policy

Unlike the parents in several New Jersey school districts which recently enacted the Gay/Transgender Agenda open-bathroom policies, parents of the Pascack Valley Regional High School District are not standing still for a policy that allows students to hide an alternative "gender identity" from their own parents, and also requires the school to accept every child's sexual whim.
The Board of Education believes the responsibility for determining a student's gender identity rests with the student . . . Therefore, the Board will accept a student's assertion of his or her gender identity when there is consistent and uniform assertion of the gender identity, or any other evidence that the gender identity is sincerely held as a part of the student’s core identity. The Board of Education will not question or disregard the assertion of a student’s gender identity.
The Board also recognized a transgender student’s right to privacy, and therefore, if a student represents that his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) is unaware of the student’s gender identity, the school and district staff must obtain consent from the student prior to communicating with his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding the student’s transgender status.
-- Board of Education, Pascack Valley Regional High School District
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-- From "Transgender rights under debate in Pascack Valley schools" by Myles Ma, The Star-Ledger 3/30/16

A crowd of more than 100 people debated the issue Tuesday night at Pascack Hills High School [in Montvale, NJ].

The policy would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, allow transgender students to participate in physical education classes and sports, as well as provide access to restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity.

Pascack Valley school officials plan to introduce the policy next week and vote on it the following week.

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From "Bergen School District Designs Policy To Protect Transgender Students" by Daniel Hubbard, Patch Staff 3/31/16

A new proposal by the Pascack Valley Board of Education would permit district students to use locker rooms and restrooms based on their gender identity and require staff to address students by the name and gender pronoun a student identifies with.

A student would be permitted to take physical education classes "consistent with their gender identity."

A student's records, including grade books and their permanent record, would be required to reflect the gender as well. Official student records would be changed if a parent documents a legal change of a student's name or gender.

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From "Pascack Valley enters national debate on transgender rights" by Andrew Wyrich and Abbott Koloff, staff writers, The Record (Bergen County, NJ) 3/30/16

Theresa Jordan, a Hillsdale resident and mother of a Pascack Valley High School student, said her objections over the issue of restroom use were centered on her religious beliefs, adding that she was “looking out for the rights of my daughter not to be exposed to something I don't want her to be exposed to.”

Pascack Valley temporarily tabled the proposal last month after parents at a Feb. 22 Board of Education meeting opposed it, with one woman questioning whether it opened the door to “sexual immorality.” . . .

The Pascack Valley proposal is similar to model school policies that have been circulating around the state. In North Jersey, North Arlington, Carlstadt, East Rutherford and Mahwah have adopted such policies. The North Arlington policy, approved earlier this year, uses the same language as the one in Pascack Valley. Last month, Toms River school officials put a similar proposal on hold after it met with opposition from parents and local religious leaders.

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From "Board tables transgender policy after public outcry" by Staff Writer, Pascack Valley Community Life, The Record (Bergen County, NJ) 3/3/16

At the meeting, held at Pascack Valley High School, Hillsdale resident Bernadette Orso, a mother of a teenage son, called that part of the policy an "invasion of privacy" and not "proper or respectful."

Sherry Silk, a Montvale resident, agreed. In the instance of an anatomical boy identifying as a girl, she said it may "open a door" for "sexual immorality."

Carolee Adams, another Montvale resident, concurred, telling the board to postpone the vote and that the policy needs "further investigation and time."

While the board moved to table the policy after much public outcry, Board President Jeffrey Steinfeld told parents that the district's two principals, as well as the board attorney, told the board that they should have the policy in place, for one to avoid litigation. Board Member Arnold Scher was opposed to tabling the policy.

[Steinfeld] added that the policy committee reviewed the policy and a "tremendous amount of thought" went into it. Superintendent Erik Gundersen explained that the needs and rights of transgender students is a "significant factor for the policy."

"We have a strong policy in place," said Gundersen. "You have to allow [transgender students] the right to have access to a locker room. They have the legal right to have access. We don't have the legal right to say no."

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