Monday, March 07, 2016

Gov't Wants 'Defective Babies' to Harvest Organs

Due to a shortage of human organs, the UK National Health Service (NHS) is reportedly pressuring expectant mothers suspected of carrying offspring with serious abnormalities to fully gestate while offering their babies as non-consenting organ donors upon delivery in return for remuneration.  Responding to media uproar, the NHS admitted to the financial support and said that such donation is solely a parental decision.

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-- From "Babies’ organs ‘could save 100 lives a year’" by Elizabeth Beynon, UK Sunday Times 3/6/16

Some defects or disorders, which mean a child cannot survive after birth, can be detected early in pregnancy. One defect, anencephaly, in which the child’s brain fails to develop, can be spotted by a scan as early as 12 weeks.

Under the proposals, pregnant women discovered to be carrying such babies would be supported through the remainder of their pregnancy, allowing the child’s organs to develop fully. They would give birth as normal and key organs would be removed from the baby once it had been certified dead.

About 230 babies with anencephaly are aborted every year in Britain. Only a dozen are born alive.

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From "Organ Harvesting: Are UK Women Going To Be Pressurized To Have Babies?" posted at HealthAim 3/7/16

A shortage of donated organs poses a problem for health authorities across the world who fail to save the lives of the patients who need them. Organ harvesting has always been surrounded by an ethical debate, however, it has largely become an accepted medical practice in the recent times.

The issue became highlighted following the annual meeting of the British Transplantation Society in Glasgow. Participating parties discussed and suggested ways to increase organ donations, wherein the NHS considered “proposals that would see mothers ‘supported’ to go ahead with the birth of children with non-survivable conditions,” reports The Independent.

However, the claim has been completely ridiculed by the NHS authorities. According to an NHS spokesperson, the organization has no way to figure out who is pregnant with a baby affected by non-survivable conditions. They can only get to know about such babies if the pregnant mother expresses her wish to donate the organs of the baby.

The spokesperson further said that organ donation of the baby under non-survivable conditions will only be considered if the potential parents express their own wish to explore the option of organ donation. The organization further claims that while supporting such families, it makes sure to explain to them that the procedure is complex and it is not always possible to go ahead with organ harvesting.

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From "NHS denies reports women will be pressurised to have babies so their organs can be harvested" by Adam Withnall, UK Independent 3/6/16

Until recently, transplants were banned in children under the age of two months, but the rules were changed after it was proven that the organs of new-borns can make the difference between life and death – even for adults.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, transplant surgeon Niaz Ahmad said the NHS was looking at options for “rolling out [new-born transplants] as a viable source of organ transplantation nationally”.

And raising the prospect of discussing the option with pregnant women directly, he was quoted as saying: “There is a real potential for using these organs [and] we are going to discuss whether it is an option, somehow, to tell women in this situation, that organ donation is an option.”

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