Friday, March 11, 2016

Citizens Reject Obama's Homosexual Ambassador

The people of the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic are demanding that President Obama recall U.S. Ambassador James "Wally" Brewster because, after two years, they're fed up with the diplomat's Gay Agenda, including his new homosexual Chamber of Commerce.  Subsequent to his recent visit to a local school with his "husband" Bob Satawake, Dominican teachers raised calls to bar him from access to children.
“I believe that one of my duties as ambassador is to help advance the tolerance of and respect for marginalized groups and an appreciation for diversity. I try to accomplish this through our U.S. Embassy programs and through my own personal example.”
-- James "Wally" Brewster

“We will not tolerate bigotry against Amb. Brewster or any of our reps. Overseas [and] will cont[inue] to promote universal human rights globally.”
-- Susan Rice, President Obama's National Security Advisor
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-- From "Dominican churches head push to recall gay US envoy" posted at Dominican Today 3/9/16

Santiago evangelical representatives on Tuesday joined the Dominican Evangelical Unity Council’s (Codue) recent demand to declare US ambassador James W. Brewster "persona non grata," while a request for his recall was opened in the White House website yesterday.

They said the diplomatic seeks to promote same sex relationships, a position also recently voiced by Catholic Church archbishop Victor Masalles.

"Because of that and many humiliations to our homeland, we ask the Government, which is responsible for complying with and enforcing Dominican Republic’s laws and the Constitution, to expel and declare the US diplomat persona non grata," said Cibao Pastors Federation president, reverend Osvaldo Torres.

Torres said Brewster violates Article 55 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the family is a union between a man and a woman, and norms of behavior of the ambassadors, according to the Vienna Convention.

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From "Gay US envoy’s visit to Dominican schoolkids sparks backlash" posted at Dominican Today 3/9/16

Dominican Teachers Association (ADP) president Eduardo Hidalgo on Wednesday asked the Education Ministry to bar US ambassador James W. Brewster and HIS husband Bob J. Satawake from visiting public or private schools.

He said the diplomat has every right to his sexual preference, but in a school, it’s the rights of the children that should be protected.

"The Ambassador of the United States, as they say in the Dominican Republic, went too far, and must respect the Dominican population, just like Eduardo Hidalgo, as a teacher, as a citizen respects his (the diplomat’s) and his nation," said the also deputy of the ruling PLD party, when asked about Brewster’s controversial visit to a school in Santiago.

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From "Calls Grow in Caribbean Nation for Gay U.S. Ambassador's Removal" by Patrick Goodenough, 3/11/16

. . . the U.S. Agency for International Development’s mission director for the Dominican Republic was quoted in local media as telling reporters that USAID would be spending $1 million to bolster the LGBT community in the Dominican Republic. The reports suggested that Alexandria Panehal had said the funds would also benefit political candidates supportive of the LGBT agenda. (The country holds elections in May.)

In response to the reports the embassy in a statement two days later said it wanted to clarify Panehal’s comments, stressing that the U.S. government “does not fund any political party or candidate in the current election process, here in Dominican Republic or anywhere else in the world. Any published reports to the contrary are incorrect.”

Pelegrin Castillo, presidential candidate for the center-right National Progressive Force (FNP) party, was quoted as saying that under the guise of defending the rights of minorities Brewster “has a business agenda to convert Santo Domingo into the Caribbean’s gay paradise.”

Brewster, who according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics bundled at least $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, is a former National LGBT co-chair for the Democratic National Committee.

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From "US gvmt’s latest gay activist move in the Dominican Republic: an ‘LGBT Chamber of Commerce’" by Gualberto Garcia Jones, J.D., LifeSiteNews 3/1/16

The US ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Wally Brewster, has a long track record of homosexual activism, having served on the national advisory board of the Human Rights Campaign for over 30 years.

Religious leaders have decried the blatant attack upon the values of a vast majority of the people of the Dominican Republic by agents of the United States.

The evangelical Christian leader Cristobal Cardozo called the LGBT jihad being waged upon his country "an insult to the good customs of the Dominican people, in a country where homosexual relations are not accepted legally or morally."

Catholic Archbishop Nicolás de Jesús López has also protested loudly, stating on one occasion that "if one wishes to live with another man, let him go out on his own, but for the state to debase itself, to ridicule itself, to pervert itself by extending the institution of marriage to two men or two women, that I will never accept, that is appalling behaviour." The same archbishop has stated that he will oppose the redefinition of marriage "up to his very death."

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From "Gay U.S. ambassador faces backlash in Dominican Republic" by Diulka Perez and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN 11/28/13

High-profile Catholic Church leaders have decried the new diplomatic appointment as a sign of a lack of respect from Obama.

"He has not considered the particularities of our people. The United States is trying to impose on us marriage between gays and lesbians as well as adoption by these couples," said Father Luis Rosario, director of youth ministries for the church.

Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez has also criticized Brewster's selection several times . . .

Local media reported that an evangelical church called for "black Monday" protests, asking people to show their opposition to Brewster by tying black ribbons on their cars, according to local media reports.

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From "State Department chides cardinal over gay slurs against US ambassador" by Barnini Chakraborty, 12/22/15

The State Department told that U.S. policy is “dedicated to eliminating barriers to equality, fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and engaging LGBTI communities around the world.”

Brewster’s appointment has been a point of contention from the start. High-profile Catholic Church leaders said assigning an openly gay man to the post was seen as a lack of respect from the Obama administration.

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