Sunday, March 20, 2016

Women's Voices Silenced: WA Transgender Restrooms

Last year, when the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties in Washington state decided to open women's locker rooms to men, citizen Autumn Bennett publicly announced that she would cancel her YMCA membership.  Then in 2016, this open-door-to-the-bathroom policy became state law, and as Bennett continued to speak against it, the political correctness police shut down her right to speak publicly, and the YMCA started firing female employees who opposed having men in the women's room.
“Morality, liberty, and freedom are still a thing in this country, and I will be damned if I let them shut me up.  I won't lie, it is a bit scary, especially the fact that they [are] seeking to find out where I work and [making] violent threats, but I believe that truth is on my side and I see no reason to back down.  This is for our kids and our future as a country.”
-- Autumn Bennett

“I let my concerns be known.  I'm a survivor of sexual assault and trauma, so for me, the danger posed by this policy was like immediately obvious.  [But the YMCA administration] weren't really having any of that, so they needed a communications director who would be willing to sell what they were trying to do.”
-- Kaeley Triller, YMCA employee fired for opposing open bathrooms

“The reality is there are sex predators.  This is just a big welcome mat. [When authorities tell us] You can’t say, ‘Oh, you’re 6-feet-5-inches, 270 pounds and you have a beard, therefore you’re a man.’?”
-- Joseph Backholm, Family Policy Institute of Washington
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While Transgender Restrooms Evolve for South Dakota Schools

UPDATE 4/2/16: Toilets NOT in Restrooms will be New Design for Transgender Agenda

UPDATE 6/5/16: Secret School Transgender Training via Washington State Edict

-- From "Facebook Censors Woman For Criticizing Gender-Blind Bathrooms" by Pardes Seleh, The Daily Wire 2/23/16

A group called “Keep Locker Rooms Safe,” which advocates for sex-assigned locker rooms, is being censored by Facebook because of a post criticizing gender-blind bathrooms.

Autumn Bennett, a manager of the Keep Locker Rooms Safe Facebook page, told The Daily Wire her page has been repeatedly censored by Facebook after she and her four colleagues posted about a Washington state bill mandating unrestricted access to male and female locker rooms based on "self-identified" sex affiliation. Bennett’s account was blocked while her colleagues were censored and reported by leftist Facebook activists who were offended by her posts.

Facebook protocol reserves the right to remove posts which are considered "credible threats to public figures, as well as hate speech directed at them - just as we do for private individuals."

Autumn said her post, which simply emphasized that men of all types are now legally permitted into women’s locker rooms, was hotly contested by trans activists and LGBTQ allies using social media to fight back. . . .

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From "Facebook Shuts Down Page For Criticizing Gender-Neutral Bathrooms" by Pardes Seleh, The Daily Wire 3/18/16

Autumn Bennett, the administrator of the page advocating for safety and privacy in locker rooms through sex-assigned bathrooms, told The Daily Wire the threats she has been receiving since the incident have gotten increasingly more aggressive. Trans activists have formed their own fake “Keep Locker Rooms Safe” Facebook pages in opposition to her group, mocking the group’s cause and harassing administrators.

One activist even posted a call to action for activists to investigate Bennett’s personal information, such as where she works.

Bennett and her colleagues decided to publicize the insults and threats from opposing activists by creating an album on their page filled with screenshots of the language that was used against her group, including phrases such as “Go f*** yourself” and “I hope your teeth fall out.” . . .

Although Bennett and her colleagues reported the aggressive language used against her group, Facebook responded by shutting their page down for having publicized what was being said to them.

Several trans activists bragged for having been the reason for Facebook’s censorship of Bennett and her colleagues.

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From "State’s rules for transgender restroom access set off debate" by Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times staff reporter 1/11/16

On Dec. 26, a state regulation went into effect that guarantees access to restrooms, locker rooms, and other such facilities according to a person’s gender identity [NOT actual biological sex]. It affects public and private buildings, including schools, restaurants, stores and most places of employment.

The state Human Rights Commission says its new regulation is not introducing a new right, but clarifying a 2006 state law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Hit by funding cuts, the commission just got around to rule-making.

Yet among some legislators and members of the public, it has generated an uproar. Sharon Ortiz, Human Rights Commission executive director, said state officials are “getting bombarded with calls.”

At the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, the controversy came to a head in September, when a thousand calls and emails led the organization to scale back its original decision — only to readopt it in December after yet more discussion and consultation with the state attorney general’s office.

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From "New Pierce, Kitsap YMCA policy change for transgender members raises concern" KCPQ-TV13 (Tacoma, WA) 12/18/15

A new policy was set in place in April that allowed members to use the facility of the gender they identified with. But after news of the policy spread months later, many members became upset.

A second policy was put in place with more complex rules. This time, however, members of the transgendered community became upset because the new policy tied the revision to fears of child abuse.

The YMCA leadership says the purpose of the new policy changes is to be more inclusive in the community, but there has been backlash, with some fearful this will open the door to a lot more than those who are transgender.

This week, Autumn Bennett plans to cancel her family's YMCA membership due to the policy change.

“This for me has nothing to do with discrimination against any other sort of groups, it has everything to do with the safety of children,” said Bennett. “Any pedophile, potential pedophile, rapist can pose and say 'Hey, I identify as this particular sex, and I can go in there and take pictures or assault someone.'”

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