Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Colo. Thousands March on Abortionist, Media Ignore

The media entirely missed about 2,000 Catholics quietly surrounding Planned Parenthood in Stapleton, Colorado ten days ago with Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila leading a Eucharistic procession seven times around the murderous clinic praying for mothers, unborn children, and people who work there.
“Silence is an essential part of the procession as we unite our voices with those who have been silenced by abortion.”
-- Father Scott Bailey
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-- From "Over 2,000 People Surround Huge Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic With Prayer" by Emily Derois, LifeNews.com 3/14/16

The many enthusiastic pro-lifers who joined the procession began to pour into the street as the event began, according to the report. Karna Swanson, communications director for the archdiocese, said the turn-out was much larger than they expected.

“We were honestly expecting 500-800 people,” Swanson said. “Three times that number showed up. This provided a bit of a challenge for us logistically, as 1,800 people don’t exactly fit on the sidewalk of a city block.”

Swanson continued, “We wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to participate could, but we also didn’t want to give any reason for the police department to shut the event down.” Fortunately, local off-duty police were there to ensure the crowd didn’t impede traffic, according to the report.

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From "Eucharistic procession draws nearly 2,000 at Planned Parenthood" by Aaron Lambert, Denver Catholic posted at Catholic News Agency 3/10/16

“It was truly a moment of grace, a moment of blessing, a moment of praying to our Lord that hearts may be changed,” Archbishop Aquila said. “It was wonderful to see how many turned out today.”

To ensure the sacred nature of the Eucharistic procession, the archdiocesan liturgy office set the tone for the event and organized the logistics of the transferring the Eucharist to the site, in addition to providing prayer books for those in attendance.

Seminarians from St. John Vianney Theological Seminary led the people in the hymns and prayers each time the procession passed around the building. They also assisted with crowd management.

Families with young children were well-represented in the crowd, as well as religious sisters. The Nashville Dominicans, the Sisters of Life and the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo were all present. Dozens of seminarians were on hand from both of the seminaries of Denver, as well as many members of the clergy.

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