Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Male Teacher Suddenly Female, Shocks Calif. Parents

Administrators at Chino (California) High School are remaining silent in response to an outcry by parents upset that neither they nor their children were notified in advance that upon leaving school on Friday, chemistry teacher Michael Swager would show up at school on Monday dressed as a woman.  School officials say that gender appearance is the teacher's private matter, owing no explanation to the taxpayers.

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-- From "Parents Say District Should Have Told Them About Teacher's Gender Transition" by Tony Shin, KNBC-TV4 (Los Angeles, CA) 3/20/15

Parents at an Inland Empire high school are raising concerns after they say they were left in the dark about a teacher’s decision to pursue gender reassignment, although many say they are supportive of her choice.

Viviana [Vasquez, student,] said school officials did not explain to her what was going on, leaving her and many other students uncertain on how to understand what was happening. They were especially surprised last week, when she said Swager starting dressing as a woman and calling herself Amanda.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Chino Valley Unified School District said they couldn't comment because it’s a personal and private matter for the teacher.

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From "Nobody Bothered To Tell Parents This Teacher At Their Kids’ High School Had A Sex Change" by Eric Owens, Education Editor, Daily Caller 3/22/15

Swager noted that his gender reassignment probably wasn’t a surprise for anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to his appearance. He said he hopes parents aren’t angry with the school district for failing to notify them.

Swager, whose name was Michael before he changed it to Amanda, said local school district officials have been tremendously supportive.

Swager’s Chino High webpage has been changed to add an image of Swager’s new feminine look. The page calls Swager “Ms. Swager.”

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From "Teacher revises gender identity" posted at Chino Champion 3/23/15

Amanda Swager, 32, known for the last six years as 6-foot, 6-inch Michael Swager at Chino High, made the decision this summer to stop presenting herself as a man at school.

Her students were informed of the impending change March 13 in the first few minutes of class. Ms. Swager explained the medical reasons behind the decision, and Chino High principal Felix Melendez reminded the students to be respectful, that the decision would not be talked about in class because class time is about academics, and that the conduct of the class will not change.

Mr. Melendez also said counselors would be available if students had questions or concerns.

“Chino High School is aware of the teacher’s decision,” district spokeswoman Julie Gobin said from a prepared statement. “It is a personal and private matter for the teacher. Therefore we cannot comment further.”

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