Monday, March 30, 2015

Cal State Boots Christian Club — Too Faithful

California State University in Turlock has de-recognized the Stanislaus Christian Fellowship chapter of Chi Alpha after being on campus for 40 years because the club limits its leadership to Christians.  Cal State officials declared, "What they cannot be is faith-based where someone has to have a profession of faith to be that leader."
“In the university’s attempt to enforce nondiscriminatory policies, they themselves are discriminating against the religious creeds of this particular student organization.”
-- Matthew Jacob, Turlock Councilman
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-- From "Christian Fraternity Loses Recognition At CSU Stanislaus Over Leadership Rules" by Anjali Hemphill, KOVR-TV13 (Sacramento, CA) 3/20/15

CSUS Associate Vice President Tim Lynch says the group’s constitution does not follow a CSU system wide executive order by prohibiting non-Christians from seeking a leadership role within the organization.

. . . Lynch says two other faith-based groups on campus have complied with the executive order with no issues.

The Chi Alpha chapter at San Diego State also lost its recognition from the school for the same reason.

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From "University withdraws recognition of Christian student group" by Alysson Aredas, Staff Reporter, The Turlock Journal 3/20/15

Stanislaus Christian Fellowship Chi Alpha is crying discrimination to a recently implemented open-membership policy, which has been enforced by the California State University system in an effort to eliminate discrimination in student organizations system wide.

With withdrawal of recognition, Chi Alpha is no longer eligible for benefits made available to recognized groups, including those made possible through taxpayers and student fees. They are also no longer able to reserve space on campus, gain access to a mailbox in the Student Leadership & Development Office, and make use of accounting services.

Although numerous student organizations throughout the state are facing the same fate as Chi Alpha due to discrimination based on race, religion, age, and gender among others, the student group perceives CSU Stanislaus’ action as a personal affront to their beliefs and religious freedom.

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From "Turlock councilman stands up for Christian student group not recognized by university" by Rosalio Ahumada, Staff Writer, The Modesto Bee 3/21/15

Councilman Matthew Jacob sent out a news release late Thursday, asking the university to reverse its decision and reinstate Stanislaus Christian Fellowship. The local student group is part of the Chi Alpha campus ministries organization, which has more than 300 student group chapters at campuses internationally.

The membership of Chi Alpha’s Stanislaus chapter is open to any student, but it requires that its leaders, who lead worship services and Bible studies, affirm the group’s Christian beliefs. The councilman said compliance with university policy would potentially pave the way for non-Christians to take on leadership roles in a fundamentally Christian student organization.

The councilman said the local student group believes it would be illogical to have leaders teaching and mentoring other club members about a faith that they themselves do not practice. Jacob said it would infringe on the student group’s religious freedoms to adopt this university policy.

Jacob called the university’s action an “injustice.” He said he approached university officials, hoping to help the students work out a resolution with the campus. But he said he felt like he was getting the runaround from university officials.

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From "Cal State de-recognizes Christian group for wanting Christian leaders" by Peter Hasson, Texas Campus Correspondent, Campus Reform 3/27/15

In a letter to Suzanne Espinoza, Cal State’s vice president for enrollment and student affairs, the group argued that the discriminatory policy “[b]urdens Chi Alpha’s sincere religious exercise,[i]mproperly interferes with the internal affairs of a religious organization, and [v]iolates the law, including the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I of the California Constitution.”

The letter also urged the university to reinstate its recognition of Chi Alpha.

The student group has secured the legal services of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty . . .

“The price of admission to a state school shouldn’t include denying your faith,” Becket Fund lawyer Adele Keim explained in an interview with Campus Reform.

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From "Chi Alpha loses recognition from university, proposed bill hopes to fight against similar cases" by Pawan Naidu, CSU Signal 3/27/15

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) proposed a bill called the Student Freedom of Association Act. The bill was proposed to fight the “Open Membership Policy”, a policy that requires that membership and leadership positions within recognized student organizations be open for all students, even if those students disagree with the purpose or beliefs of the club.

The policy lost Stanislaus Christian Fellowship their recognition. Lynch was asked what would happen if this bill came into effect.

“It would be premature to speculate on any proposed legislation,” Lynch said.

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