Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Abortion Spa: Murder Your Child in Luxury

In an effort to soothe expectant mothers into oblivion, the new Carafem abortion clinic is opening in Friendship Heights (Montgomery County), Maryland to service the Washington D.C. elite caught by an embarrassing "unexpected" pregnancy.
“It was important for us to try to present an upgraded, almost spa-like feel.”
-- Melissa S. Grant, VP Carafem
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-- From "New spa-like abortion clinic is part of a trend to de-stigmatize the procedure" by Sandhya Somashekhar, social change reporter for the Washington Post 3/30/15

Plagued by political setbacks in recent years, abortion rights activists are seeking to normalize abortion, to put a human face on the women getting the procedure and, in some cases, even putting a positive spin on it.

At Carafem, staff members plan to greet clients with warm teas, comfortable robes and a matter-of-fact attitude.

[Carafem President Christopher] Purdy said he got the idea for Carafem two years ago after more than a decade with DKT International, a nonprofit group that promotes family planning and HIV prevention in developing countries. Overseas, he said, getting an abortion is often as simple as visiting a pharmacy. In the United States, however, some states strictly regulate the abortion pill, citing concerns about its safety, making it virtually impossible to get in some rural areas.

By offering only pharmaceutical abortions, Purdy says, he can avoid purchasing expensive surgical equipment and can keep prices low for clients. The average pharmaceutical abortion cost about $500 in the United States in 2011, Guttmacher figures show; Purdy plans to charge around $400.

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From "Abortion ‘Spa’ To Open In DC" by Rachel Stoltzfoos, Reporter, Daily Caller 3/30/15

Beginning this week, clients will be welcomed with hot tea and comfy robes in the clinic, which features wood floors, plush upholstery and natural wood tones, so it resembles a high-end salon or spa.

For $400, women will receive counseling and basic tests, then take an initial pill, before returning home with a second set of pills to induce the abortion the next day. The goal is to have them in and out in an hour. Like a typical salon or spa, women can schedule weekend and evening appointments online, or by calling a 24 hour hotline.

Carafem staff understand the “various emotions” that come with getting an abortion, the clinic’s site states, and promise to give “clear, non-judgmental, and accurate information” to clients. The site features pictures of young smiling women in pleasant settings drinking coffee, eating and walking together.

“It’s fresh, it’s modern, it’s clean, it’s caring,” [Purdy] said. “That’s the brand we’re trying to create.”

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From "Luxurious Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Gives Customers Robe, Cup of Tea as They Kill Their Baby" by Sarah Zagorski, LifeNews.com 3/30/15

I don’t know about you but I think it’s going to take a lot more than pretty floors and furniture to change public opinion on abortion. First of all, whether an abortion takes place at a run-down Gosnell-like facility or at a “high-end salon,” abortion always, 100% of the time, kills an unborn child and hurts the family involved.

Secondly, as LifeNews previously reported, after abortion over 65% of women suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and post abortive women are six-times more likely to commit suicide than women who have given birth. Also, many women describe their abortion experience as ‘a nightmare,’ with 60% reporting that it felt like ’Part of me died.’

So to put it mildly, better branding, “abortion spas,” and all the positive talk in the world will never change the horror of abortion or the devastation it brings.

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