Thursday, March 19, 2015

Catholic Religion Teacher Suspended: Too Biblical

Patricia Jannuzzi, a theology teacher at Immaculata High School in Somerville, New Jersey was forced by her employer to scrub her Facebook page for espousing Biblical views on marriage and homosexual behavior.  The Catholic School has placed her on administrative leave because her views are "completely inconsistent with our policy and position as a Catholic Christian community."
"I was in a bunch of things where I would interact with her and I thought she was a very warm person. She was just really into her faith, and that's always how she's been."
-- Greg Bennet, past student, open homosexual (Immaculata 2004 graduate)
For background, read about the New Jersey teacher booted for posting Christian beliefs on Facebook

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-- From "N.J. private school forces teacher to remove Facebook page after anti-gay posts" by Alex Napoliello, The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)  3/12/15

In a statement provided to NJ Advance Media, the school said it took "immediate action" and "mandated that the teacher involved permanently de-active her Facebook page."

"The opinions reflected in these posts do not in any way represent the philosophy, mission or student experience of this high school," the statement said. "... Through our investigation, we have determined that the information posted on this social media page has not been reflected in the curriculum content of the classes she teaches."

Januzzi's Facebook page, which was public at one point, was removed Wednesday morning.

[An] alumnus, Scott Lyons, who is gay and had Januzzi as a teacher, shared a letter on Facebook he sent to her after reading one of her posts. He said in the letter that he remembers Januzzi's classes to be "focused on love and acceptance" but that he is "offended and disappointed" by her recent posts.

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From "Immaculata suspends teacher for anti-gay Facebook rant" by Mike Deak and Sergio Bichao, Courier News (Somerville, NJ) 3/13/15

The issuance of the letter [from Sean Brennan, pastor and Principal Jean Kline], posted on the school's website, came after a faculty meeting Friday afternoon and two days after the school said it had ordered the teacher to disable her public Facebook page.

On her now-deleted Facebook profile earlier this week,  said gays or gay activists "want to reengineer western civ (sic) into a slow extinction" as part of their "agenda."

"We need healthy families with a mother and a father for the sake of the children and humanity!!!!!" she wrote, adding that the argument that gays are protected under the 14th Amendment is "bologna."

Alumni started an online petition [calling for Jannuzzi to be fired], which had more than 900 signatures Friday afternoon [from across America] . . .

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From "Outrage, sympathy after teacher forced to delete Facebook page with anti-gay posts" by Alex Napoliello, The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ) 3/13/15

In one post, Jannuzzi had said she'd love to move to Nebraska, responding to a news story about efforts to fight against same-sex marriage there, asking "Why can't the rest of the US be like this?? Why the insanity?" Another post, referencing an article about a three lesbians living as married in Massachusetts, asked "Between this and many Egyptian men being beheaded ... when will the evil stop?"

. . . celebrities shared [anti-Jannuzzi posts] on their social media pages, including actress Susan Sarandon. . . .

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From "Sons of suspended Catholic teacher try to raise $100G after anti-gay comment outcry" by Sergio Bichao, Courier News (Somerville, NJ) 3/18/15

The website Wednesday afternoon had raised more than $13,500 from 51 supporters toward a goal of $100,000.

"Our family is about to lose our health benefits. Our mother has recently and successfully battled breast cancer without missing a single day of teaching, except for the day of her operation. Health benefits are important to our family," the webpage states.

"In addition, we have home, insurance, automobile and many other family expenses including educational expenses for two teenage sons. (One in college, one in high school.).

"Due to the overwhelming attacks in the media on her statement of Catholic belief, we do not believe she will be able to find another teaching position."

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UPDATE 3/25/15: From "New e-mails cast doubt on diocese’s story about firing Patricia Jannuzzi over Facebook flap" by Ben Johnson,

When her family stated that Jannuzzi had been placed on unpaid leave and told her contract would not be renewed in September, the diocese [of Metuchen, NJ, headed by Bishop Paul G. Bootkoski] denied the statements. But family attorney David Oakley has released e-mails that cast a shadow over the diocese's public statements.

. . . on March 12, Immaculata High School principal Jean Kline wrote, “Upon further reflection and upon receiving the advice of the Advisory Council, I have decided to place you on administrative leave without pay effective immediately.”

A national radio campaign, launched by Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute, has asked Bishop Bootkoski to explain his position fully. Reviewing the charge and counter-charges, Frank Walker, the assistant news editor of, wrote that Bishop Bootkoski “seems to have lied.”

To avoid the appearance of evil, the family has suspended its collections [from the donations website] pending further information about their mother's employment prospects. “The latest announcement from the diocese suggests that we may have been misinformed about their decision to terminate her in August,” the family wrote.

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UPDATE 4/6/15: From "NJ Catholic Bishop Won’t Say If He Agrees With Church Teaching on Homosexuality, Marriage" by Michael W. Chapman,

Bishop Paul G. Bootkoski, head of the Catholic diocese of Metuchen, N.J., would not say whether he agrees with the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church pertaining to homosexuality and marriage as quoted directly from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

In a March 30 e-mail to Bishop Bootkoski and his office of communications, asked . . . three questions . . .

Despite two e-mails, Bishop Bootkoski did not respond and a spokeswoman from his office, by telephone, referred to the March 20, 2015 statement: “Bishop’s statement on status of teacher at Immaculata High School, Somerville.”

It notes that, "Pope Francis reminds us that we are to accept all of our brethren. We must ensure that our educators steer away from harsh and judgmental statements that can alienate and divide us."

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