Thursday, March 05, 2015

Sexual Deviancy Special Class? Not in Charlotte NC

After contentious lengthy debate with massive citizen attendance and participation, the Charlotte, North Carolina City Council, by a 6-5 vote, rejected a proposed new ordinance for protections of homosexuals, transgenders, etc. (to make them a special class above other citizens).  In 2012, former City Manager Curt Walton unilaterally created special privileges for LGBT employees, but that policy does NOT apply to the general public.
“I will not and I cannot support an amendment that does not protect all of our [sexually deviant] citizens.”
-- Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield (Democrat)

“To support this law is to be a bully. We as adults in this city have a right to protect our children. … This process is corrupt. We are telling the City Council: We know your dirty business.”
-- Jason Jimenez, resident

“I will not be silenced. A man’s right to choose the lady’s room is ridiculous and it’s dangerous.”
-- Jeannette Wilson, resident
UPDATE 2/24/16: Charlotte City Council Reverses Itself, Passes Gay/Transgender Agenda Ordinance

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-- From "Charlotte council rejects LGBT protections measure before a large, contentious crowd" by Jen Wilson, Associate Editor, Charlotte Business Journal 3/3/15

In an often-heated meeting that stretched until nearly midnight and included more than 100 speakers, Charlotte City Council narrowly rejected an amended ordinance that would have provided protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in public spaces.

A deeply divided crowd filled the meeting chambers as well as an overflow room as speaker after speaker took a turn at the microphone, each making an impassioned plea for the council to vote a particular way. And that's after hundreds had rallied for hours before the meeting started Monday evening and thousands had sent emails to the council members.

The original proposal would have updated the city's existing nondiscrimination ordinance for commercial and transportation-for-hire enterprises and public accommodations, adding five new protected characteristics — marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. In addition, transgender individuals would be allowed to choose which restroom, locker room or shower to use in public places.

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From "Charlotte LGBT ordinance fails 6-5 in contentious meeting" by Ely Portillo and Mark Price, Charlotte Observer 3/3/15

Before the final vote, council members had removed the section of the ordinance that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. That issue drew the most vigorous opposition from dozens of speakers.

But even with the bathroom portion removed, council remained divided. Several council members had said they were opposed to removing that part, which would also have applied to locker rooms and showers, because it weakened the ordinance.

Mayfield and Autry, also a Democrat, voted against removing the bathroom section, and both voted against the final bill because they couldn’t support a half measure.

The final vote against the bill brought together both supporters and opponents of the original measure. [Kenny] Smith, a Republican, said he believed the bill was motivated not by a desire to end discrimination but by a political agenda to “impose the progressive left’s new morality on our citizens.”

Council members Michael Barnes, Kenny Smith, LaWana Mayfield, Ed Driggs, John Autry and Greg Phipps voted against it. Voting in favor of the ordinance were David Howard, Claire Fallon, Vi Lyles, Patsy Kinsey and Al Austin, all Democrats.

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From "Contentious LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance Before City Council Tonight" by Tom Bullock, WFAE-FM90.7 (Charlotte, NC) 3/2/15

On Sunday, [Nancy Kraft, pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church] told congregants she just doesn't understand how anyone could oppose the measure. "It feels mean and hateful to me," and added, "what makes me crazier is seeing such injustice being perpetrated by people who claim to follow Jesus."

Last week, Reverend Mark Harris at First Baptist Church in Charlotte said the city council is "trying to make protected classes out of purely abnormal behavior."

Both Reverend Harris and Pastor Kraft have done more than just preach to their faithful. They are both activists on this issue. Both have joined dozens of other clergy members in signing letters to the city council either for or against the expansion of the non-discrimination ordinance.

. . . Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the North Carolina Values Coalition, a group opposed to the measure [said,] "It leads to religious discrimination by the city because it automatically discriminates and excludes businesses that have religious beliefs."

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From "Policy gives city of Charlotte transgender employees bathroom choice" by Steve Harrison, Charlotte Observer 3/4/15

City of Charlotte policies [in place since 2012] prohibit discrimination against transgender employees, which allows them to use the bathroom of their choice on the job. The same goes for job applicants.

But those protections don’t always extend to nonemployees using public Government Center bathrooms, highlighting the complexities of the issue.

Lisa Metzger, 38, a wife and mother of 11 who lives in Matthews, said she alerted a police officer Monday night that transgender women were using the women’s restroom during the City Council meeting.

She even videotaped some of them, which Metzger says she showed police to prompt officers to stop the activity.

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From "For Gay Rights Advocates, No Time To Rest After Charlotte Decision" by Paul Garber, WFDD-FM88.5 (Winston-Salem, NC) 3/4/15

It’s been a roller-coaster year across the state for gay rights advocates and opponents. In January, Greensboro became the first city in the state to pass a housing non-discrimination measure that includes protections for gays and transgendered people.

Chris Sgro is executive director of the gay and transgender advocacy group Equality NC, and a resident of Greensboro. He says even though the Charlotte measure failed to pass, he believes other cities across the state will continue to push for anti-discrimination policies.

“I still think the fact that we had that conversation with a majority of the Charlotte City Council and got them to a place where they want to provide these protections is going to provide pressure for other parts of the state – municipalities across the state – to consider protections for gay and trans folks.”

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