Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oregon Abortion Jihadists Attack Pro-lifers' Sign

Just as Islamic radicals believe it's the will of Allah that anyone who draws a cartoon of Mohammed must be put to death, radical abortion advocates believe that the U.S. Constitution does NOT provide freedom for Christians to use photographs to inform the public of the horrors of abortion.
“I considered the sign obscene and offensive and intending to anger and start a scene. There’s a limit to what people should be forced to look at.”
-- Allison Rutledge, pro-abortion University of Oregon student
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-- From "Graphic image leads to abortion controversy at 13th and University on Tuesday afternoon" by Gabrielle Deckelman, Oregon Daily Emerald 3/10/15

A man standing in front of Columbia 150 held signs advocating to abolish abortion. His signs read:

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” – a quote by Martin Luther King.

He also held a large sign with a graphic image of an undeveloped [aborted] fetus.

“We bring the graphic images out to show because people do this and nobody looks these babies in the eye,” Lori Mayberry, an advocate for abolishing abortion, told the Emerald.

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From "Protestors damage graphic anti-abortion sign following heated debate on UO campus" posted at Oregon Daily Emerald Archives 3/12/15

Several students surrounded three anti-abortion activists at the intersection of 13th Avenue and University Street on Tuesday before attempting to destroy a graphic poster one of the men was holding in protest.

History major Allison Rutledge was the first to damage the anti-abortion activist’s poster. She stood on it and claimed that the activist didn’t have a right to display the graphic imagery . . . [and] is later seen leading a chant in order to get the anti-abortion activist to leave University of Oregon property.

She called the incident a tussle before saying that she felt emotionally threatened by the anti-abortion activist’s sign.

“This is our campus and we don’t want it — we don’t want you and your ugliness,” another unidentified woman said in the video.

The Oregon Supreme Court in 1984 ruled that any censorship of material considered obscene is unconstitutional.

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From "Activists Destroy Pro-Life Sign at University of Oregon, Tell Pro-Lifers 'Get Off Our Campus'" by Sarah Zagorski, 3/13/15

One abortion supporter added, “This is our campus and we don’t want it — we don’t want you and your ugliness. This is so violent. This is obscene. This is not part of your First Amendment rights. This is unbelievable.”

The police officer that arrived at the scene, John Loos, originally said the signs need to be taken down but later realized they didn’t violate school policy or the constitution. Initially, he said, “You are breaking the rules of this institution. You are not breaking any laws in my opinion. This is a privately owned institution, even though it’s a public school. If it’s considered to be demeaning or anything like that, it’s not allowed.”

He added, “You’re breaking an ASUO rule — I don’t know the rule off the top of my head. I’m not picking sides here. What I’m trying to do is work a compromise so that these two groups could be doing this all day without having a fight.”

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From "Anti-abortion activists attacked and threatened by mob at U. of Oregon" by Greg Piper, Assistant Editor, The College Fix 3/13/15

The confrontation between the students and the demonstrators begins about 14 minutes into the 19-minute video. After a student stood on and ripped an anti-abortion sign, a crowd of students surrounded the protestors, shouting at them and chanting “get off our campus.”

The police officer’s justification for telling the activist to put away his sign or leave is so strange – it violates student government rules? – that eventually his sergeant came over and rebuked him, and the university police promised its officers will be “reminded” to respect speech rights on campus.

The Young Americans for Liberty leaders who recorded the hubbub wrote a separate editorial berating the abortion-rights crowd as “childish” for harassing the lead protester and calling the cops on him. . . .

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