Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sexting Epidemic: Indiana & IL Schools, Police Say

Schools have turned to local police across America to deal with a reportedly widespread addiction to an overtly sexualized culture within public schools.
"It is not surprising. I feel like it is all they talk about. It is all they ever think about."
-- Cord Ratliff, graduate of Michigan City (Indiana) High School

"We spend a lot of time on educating students on the use of technology, and we will continue to educate them."
-- Jennifer Kelsall, Superintendent, Ridgewood High School (Norridge, IL)

"This social media stuff is going to tank this whole generation if somebody doesn’t do something about this. It’s just crazy. I see what’s going on with these younger kids, and yeah, I think I can believe it. They’re just out of control. There’s nobody stopping them."
-- Bill Papish, Ridgewood grandparent
UPDATE 4/1/15: Illinois Teens Jailed for Child Porn Group Sex Video

UPDATE 11/6/15: Child Porn Self-produced by Hundreds of Colorado Students in One School

UPDATE 2/28/16: Sexting so Common, New Mexico Legalizes Self-produced Child Pornography

Is it any wonder this situation exists?

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Not only that, but Education Experts Say that Pornography Belongs in the Classroom

-- From "Michigan City [Indiana] police warn of alleged 'widespread' sexting among teens" posted at WLS-TV7 (Chicago, IL) 3/18/15

Police have issued a warning about alleged "widespread" sexting among high school students in Michigan City, Ind.

Police say numerous students are sending sexually provocative pictures to other boys and girls, and they sometimes request a photo in return.

Officials explain this is still considered child pornography, even among juveniles, and that teenagers need to be reminded of the consequences.

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From "Police Investigating ‘Widespread’ Sexting Among Michigan City [Indiana] Teens" by Mike Parker, CBS WBBM-TV2 (Chicago, IL) 3/18/15

Michigan City Police say they are making a concerted effort to locate and destroy sexually explicit images being sent from one teen to another and they are seizing cell phones to do that.

Bob Modesto, a former high school administrator and his high school age daughter Meg are aware of the consequences.

“They want to be accepted and be liked and so they do whatever they need to do,” Bob said. “Unfortunately, it is not the right way to be liked.”

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From "Police investigating teen sexting scandal in Norridge" by Anita Padilla, Reporter, FOX WFLD-TV32 (Chicago, IL) 3/22/15

Police are investigating four students from Ridgewood High School in Norridge after nude photos of two students went out to some classmates.

Two girls and two boys between the ages of 15 and 17 are now facing charges for disseminating child pornography.

Officials say sexting is a big problem, because once the photos are out there, they can go anywhere worldwide. The school's superintendent told FOX 32's Anita Padilla administrators are working to educate the students on the use of technology.

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From "Ridgewood High School students face charges over nude photos" by Natalie Hayes, Pioneer Press (posted at Chicago Tribune) 3/16/15

About 25 students at the school were interviewed during a police investigation that spanned several weeks and ended last week with four students — two girls and two boys — facing possible charges in Cook County's juvenile court division with dissemination of harmful material to a minor.

Police interviews revealed another female student, a 17-year-old Ridgewood junior — allegedly sent out nude self portraits to several classmates.

The four facing charges include the two girls, who police said took and sent the inappropriate selfies, along with a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy who distributed the photos. The photos were seen by "more than a few kids," according to [Norridge Police Det. Chuck] Tortorello.

The 17-year-olds could have faced more serious charges — possibly felonies — if they had been 18 when they distributed the photos, Tortorello said.

"For an adult who sends a nude photo of a juvenile, it could have been serious — serious enough that you could end up in a penitentiary," Tortorello said.

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